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General meetings are the highest decision-making body of the CSU. It is the forum at which major decisions are made on issues ranging from the budget to policy, bylaw, or constitutional changes. Every member of the CSU has a voice and a vote on all the items raised. Members can bring motions and resolutions to general meetings if advance notice is given as required by our bylaws. Contact the CSU organizer for more information.

The CSU holds at least two general meetings a year — the annual general meeting (AGM) in the fall semester and the semi-annual general meeting (SAGM) in the spring semester. The CSU’s bylaws state that there must be at least 75 members present at the meeting to pass any motions.

The CSU often supplies a light lunch for students to thank them for taking the time to participate in the decision-making process of the student union. The CSU’s annual general meeting is scheduled to take place on Thursday, March 2 at 11:30 a.m. in the CSU Members Centre.


  1. Call to order —Thursday, March 2 at 11:30am in the CSU Members Centre (LB 195)
    Meeting begins.
  2. Ratification of the meeting chair
  3. Explanation of the meeting rules and procedures
    A brief explanation of Robert’s Rules of Order, the procedures employed by the Capilano Students’ Union to conduct its meetings.
  4. Introduction of the board of directors and staff
  5. Adoption of the meeting agenda
    The draft agenda for the meeting will be considered for adoption.
  6. Presentation of 2017/2018 annual budget
    The 2017/2018 annual budget, as prepared by the board of directors, will be presented.
  7. Special resolutions and ordinary resolutions
    The special resolutions and ordinary resolutions served with due notice will be presented to the membership for consideration.
  8. Board of directors report and question & answer period
    An opportunity shall be provided to pose questions to the members of the board of directors.
  9. Adjournment


Patrick Meehan, organizer
Patrick Meehan is the primary contact person for anything relating to general meetings. Get in touch with him to discuss petitions, special and ordinary resolutions, and any other related matters.


Petition to add item to the meeting agenda