The Capilano Students’ Union is holding our Semi-Annual General Meeting and we need you to help shape our future!

A general meeting is the highest decision-making body of the CSU. It is a chance for CSU members (Capilano students) to have a direct say in how the organization is run. In order to be valid, we need to reach quorum (minimum number of CSU members to make the meeting valid) of 75 students.

The meeting is taking place at 11:30am on Thursday, February 26 in the CSU Members Centre (Library 195).

If you would like to submit a petition to add an item to the meeting agenda, you must submit it in person to the CSU Members Centre or by email to at least 21 days before the general meeting at this it is to be considered (February 6). A petition template can be found here.


Semi-Annual General Meeting
11:30am • Thursday, February 27, 2020
CSU Members Centre (LB195)



John MorrisonCommunications and Marketing Director
The communications and marketing director is the primary contact person for anything relating to general meetings. Get in touch with him to discuss petitions, special and ordinary resolutions, and any other related matters.