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Thu August 9

CSU monitoring status of Saudi Arabian students


The Capilano Students’ Union is closely monitoring the ongoing situation involving international students from Saudi Arabia. With news that the Saudi Arabian government is recalling their state-sponsored students enrolled in Canada, the CSU is aware of the difficulties that are faced by those students.

This is a tense situation for students who don’t know if they can complete the studies they’ve undertaken here. Our key message to our members is that we are looking into it and working with the university to ease the burden on these students.

The CSU’s elected executives have already met with the university executive to raise their concerns regarding Saudi Arabia’s announcement and plans are  in place to continue discussions to identify ways for the CSU to support our members during this challenging period of time.

Any students impacted by the ongoing political situation should call the Center for International Experience (CIE) at 604.990.7914 or email The CIE will be able to assist with academic and immigration advising as well as refer students to Capilano’s counselling services should they wish to talk to someone about this.

Anna-Elaine Rempel, president
Capilano Students’ Union

Harsha Sharma, international students liaison
Capilano Students’ Union

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Tue February 13

CSU applauds on-campus housing in throne speech


NORTH VANCOUVER – February 13, 2018 – The Capilano Students’ Union would like to thank the provincial government for including on-campus student housing in today’s throne speech. Post-secondary institutions have been unable to build on-campus housing for the past 10 years, forcing students to compete for limited rental housing available in Metro Vancouver.

“Everyone has been impacted by the housing crisis, including post-secondary students,” said Noah Berson, the CSU’s vice-president external. “Moving students on campus and out of market rental will benefit everyone and help make universities a better place.”

There are a range of benefits to on-campus student housing, including reducing traffic congestion in the region by decreasing the number of students that have to drive or transit over the Second Narrows Bridge to get to Capilano or drive through the heavily congested North Shore. Student housing will reduce the number of students competing for the rental market, where they are often competing for the low end of the market. Student housing will also ensure that there are more suites available for rent by those who need them most. Universities and colleges will become more vibrant education hubs with a major expansion in student life.

The CSU supports initiatives that improve access to education, and affordable on-campus housing is a key component in accessibility. “Students that are able to live on campus will save both money on housing and time spent commuting, allowing them to focus on their studies. This is a big win for accessibility,” concluded Berson.


Noah Berson, vice-president external
Capilano Students’ Union
p 604.831.1159

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Wed February 7

Capilano Students’ Union recognized as a living wage employer


NORTH VANCOUVER – February 7, 2018 – The Capilano Students’ Union (CSU) has been recognized by the Living Wage for Families Campaign as a living wage employer. This means that the CSU has committed to ensuring that its direct and contracted workers receive a combined wages and benefits package that totals at least the living wage for our region; for Metro Vancouver, this is calculated to be about $20.62 per hour.

The CSU’s board of directors recently approved a living wage policy, making it organizational policy to pay all direct and contract workers a living wage for their work, and determining that the CSU should be a public advocate for ensuring that all workers receiving a living wage.

“The CSU’s continued advancements in providing services, events, and advocacy for our members would not be possible without the work of our professional and dedicated team of staff,” says Christopher Girodat, executive director of the student union. “Our staff team, student and non-student team members alike, works hard everyday to support students; I appreciate this formal recognition that we are committed to supporting them in return.”

According to Perry Safari, president of the student union, paying a living wage is also about leading by example for other employers. “We know first-hand the barriers that our members face when navigating through post-secondary education,” says Safari. “When employers pay a living wage, including to student and part-time workers, it helps to reduce student debt, and reduces barriers to accessing post-secondary education.”Click edit button to change this text.

Perry Safari, president
Capilano Students’ Union
e t (604) 910-5963

Christopher Girodat, executive director
Capilano Students’ Union
e t (604) 990-7965

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Fri November 17

BOARD SHORTS: November 17, 2017


Here are the highlights from the November 17 meeting of the CSU board of directors.

The university is in the process of creating a Campus Master Plan. This is a plan that pans until 2030, and encompasses the main structures, but not defining what is set inside the buildings. At phase 1 of dialogue, the CSU is in the works of ensuring a stand alone space for the CSU be included with the research of the Campus Master Plan

The board nominated several members to fill in vacancies for standing committees. A budget of $15,000 has been approved to go towards the 2018 Annual Retreat, being held May 14-16th, 2018.

To read the full set of November 17 board minutes, please visit the CSU website. The next board meeting is scheduled for December 1, in Birch 126.

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Fri November 3

BOARD SHORTS: November 3, 2017


Here are the highlights from the November 3 meeting of the CSU board of directors.

VP Academic, Andrew Willis, conducted a survey reporting on any issues or concerns students were facing regarding student housing. After spending four days and nights going door to door, Willis recommends that the Residence Relationship Committee be reinstated with five board members and two student at large living on residence. This motion has been carried with the number of board members being reduced to three, along with the VP Academic, and 3 students at large.

The board has approved Massage therapy planning tool for $1900; Studentcare will be sponsoring $900 for the event.

To read the full set of November 3 board minutes, please visit the CSU website. The next board meeting is scheduled for November 17, in Birch 126.

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Fri October 20

BOARD SHORTS: October 20, 2017


Here are the highlights from the October 20 meeting of the CSU board of directors.

The CSU is working with Good Night Out to train volunteers to join and be involved with the non-profit. Good Night Out is a non-profit that aims to end sexual harassment and assault in venues, bars, clubs, pubs and festivals across the world.

The board has approved a number of upcoming events including a film screening of North of 49 and the CSU’s Nightmare Before Mid-Term Halloween event.

The finance and audit committee have been working on the tail end of the Mental Health Strategy, due to roll out at the end of the fall semester. Eight members have been approved to attend the Mental Health Conference.

There has been an approval of $3,475 in order to send VP External, Noah Berson, and one other board member to CASA (Canadian Alliance of Student Association) Advocacy week. This is a great opportunity to meet with Members of Parliament in the country’s capital and promote the issues of post-secondary education barriers. The board has also approved a budget of $400 for the purchase of a public announcement system.

To read the full set of October 20 board minutes, please visit the CSU website. The next board meeting is scheduled for November 3, in Birch 126.

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Wed October 11

Capilano Students’ Union commits to living wage


NORTH VANCOUVEROctober 10, 2017 – The Capilano Students’ Union (CSU) has adopted a policy committing to maintaining a living wage for all of its current and future employees as well as contract workers. The living wage in Metro Vancouver, determined annually by the Living Wage for Families Campaign, is $20.62 per hour (adjusted for non-mandatory benefits provided by the CSU to its staff).

“The CSU is proud to be on the leading edge of progressive employment practices, and declaring our commitment to a living wage is a big part of that,” says Perry Safari, CSU president. “Anyone who decides to spend their time advancing an organization’s goals deserves to be paid enough to make ends meet.”

The CSU board of directors, consisting of students elected by and from the CSU’s membership (i.e., all Capilano University students), approved the living wage policy statement at today’s meeting. The policy commits the CSU to paying its own employees a living wage combination of pay and benefits; maintaining the same standard for contracted workers; and to being a public living wage advocate.

A public discussion about the living wage standard has been brought to our campus in recent weeks by the Service Employees International Union – Local 2 (SEIU 2), organizing the contract cleaning staff (employed by Best Service Pros to provide cleaning services at Capilano University).

Many post-secondary institutions throughout the province have contracted out key operations, such as food, cleaning, and security services, based on a number of factors – including provincial funding. Nonetheless, we believe that post-secondary institutions should be social leaders and work toward ensuring that workers on campus (whether employed directly or contracted-out) are paid a living wage, and that living wage and benefits policies should guide these institutions’ decisions for both their tender and non-tender contracts.

“We support paying a living wage to all workers — and that includes contract cleaners hired by Best Service Pros to work right here at Capilano University,” says Noah Berson, CSU vice-president external. “Post-secondary staff, including contract workers, keep our post-secondary institutions running and, for maintaining the environment that builds new leaders, they deserve a living wage. The province needs to address post-secondary funding so that future bids for contract services provide for a living wage; contracting out these services doesn’t need to be a race to the bottom.”

For more information:

Perry Safari, president (spokesperson)
Capilano Students’ Union
Cell: (604) 910-5963

Christopher Girodat, executive director
Capilano Students’ Union
Office: (604) 990-7965

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Fri October 6

BOARD SHORTS: October 6, 2017


Here are the highlights from the October 6 meeting of the CSU board of directors.

The board has approved the Policy HR-05: Living Wage.The draft policy has four key principles:

  • the CSU supports the concept of a living wage for all workers;
  • the CSU implements living wage standards in its own operations;
  • the CSU ensures these standards for our contracted/sub-contracted workers;
  • the CSU is a public advocate for living wage employment standards.

This new policy allows the CSU to support and advocate a living wage to communities, and all levels of government, to advance this principle.

The budget for the CSU’s Fright Night Halloween event has increased from $1,250 to $1,900. The board approved $7500 be transferred from campaigns to external meetings.

There have been two new appointments to the board: Christina Schulz to services committee and Erik Steel to events and outreach. There were new appointments to the food and beverage committee, and Anna Rempel was appointed by unanimous consent to alternate CSU guest at senate.

The board approved an amendment to Section II, Article 15 of Procedures to insert a new clause. The board shall make an effort to select conference delegations that:

  • represent a diverse team of delegates, including fair gender representation
  • help board development through increased experience
  • considers fairness of opportunity
  • have roles within the organization conducive to the content of the conference

To read the full set of October 6 board minutes, please visit the CSU website. The next board meeting is scheduled for October 20 in Birch 126.

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Fri September 22

BOARD SHORTS: September 22, 2017


Here are the highlights from the September 22 meeting of the CSU board of directors.

The board has agreed to send 7 board members and one staff to Alliance of BC Students’ Lobby Days: Andrew Dillman, Anna Rempel, Divya Nanray, Hassan Merali, and Noah Berson. The approval of $4000 will go towards the costs of sending all 7 board members plus one staff person to the event.

There have been new members appointed to the following committees: campaigns and advocacy committee, social justice committee, events and outreach committee, governance committee, services committee, finance and audit committee.

The board has recommended a number of changes to the CSU bylaws to be considered at the fall annual general meeting. The executive director will draft a living wage policy and public statement for the Justice for Campus workers campaign be presented at the next board meeting.

To read the full set of September 22 board minutes, please visit the CSU website. The next board meeting is scheduled for October 6 in Birch 126.

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