Here are the highlights from the January 12 meeting of the CSU board of directors.

Perry Safari, the CSU’s president and vice-president of finance and services, brought up a new IT repair service for the CSU. The IT repair service would seek to help students with the repair of electronic devices by an on-campus technician.

A proposed health and dental referendum question was approved by the board. The referendum question is in regards increasing the cost of the health and dental plan fee by 18% starting September 2018 to continue to cover the cost of all the benefits under the current extended health and dental plan. This fee will go up by 5% every year afterwards. Students will vote on the question March 21-23.

Noah Berson, the CSU’s vice-president of external affairs, reported that he has started to look for workshops and capacity building workshops for the CSU board of directors retreat. $4,200 will be released to fund team-building activities for the board of directors and staff.

Geronimo Alec, the CSU’s First Nations students liaison, was asked to resign from their position by request of the board. Numerous opportunities were given to the liaison to address complaints and issues that the First Nations constituency had brought forward to the CSU.

To read the full set of January 12 board minutes, please visit the CSU website. The next board meeting is scheduled for January 19, in Birch 126.