Here are the highlights from the January 26 meeting of the CSU board of directors.

A resignation letter from First Nations students liaison Geronimo Alec was acknowledged.

A fee on a personal electronics repair service was approved. If passed by referendum, the CSU-run service would allow students to repair their devices without the high cost they face from private vendors. The board also decide to promote the ‘Yes’ of the referendum.

There was a discussion surrounding the possibility of exploring the feasibility of supporting a student lounge in the Bosa building. While there was some concern about further isolating Bosa students, it was also brought up that such a space could be used for outreach as well. The board decided to proceed with further exploration with staff support.

Plans for an engagement showcase called Clubs and Collectives Day as well as the CSU’s and queer students collective’s annual Pride Week were approved.

The CSU decided to send a collection of delegates to the Pacific Northwest Student Leadership Conference in Portland, Oregon, at a cost of up to $6,000.

To read the full set of January 26 board minutes, please visit the CSU website. The next board meeting is scheduled for February 9, in Birch 126.