BOARD SHORTS: November 4, 2016

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BOARD SHORTS: November 4, 2016

Here are the highlights from the November 4 board meeting: the CSU has decided to propose amendments to the organization’s bylaws to allow for the creation of a new position to join the team of executives on the board of directors —  the vice president of equity and sustainability. The proposed position would oversee the work of the CSU’s collectives and provide the collective liaisons with more focused support, as well as allow the CSU to address social and environmental justice issues in a more effective and streamlined way. The bylaw changes must be approved by CSU membership at a special general meeting, which has been planned for November 22 at 11:30am in the CSU Members Centre (LB 195). Students are encouraged to come out, have lunch, and let their voices be heard! The agenda and full text of proposed bylaw changes can be found on the CSU’s website.

The board approved the plans for the Student Union Building Town Hall, though the date is still to be determined. $600 in funds were released in order to hold anti-oppression training for members of the board to participate in. The CSU prides itself on being an open and inclusive organization, and makes sure to continually take measures in training staff and board directors on the topic of oppression. The workshop will focus on individual and systemic barriers, expectations, and norms, as well as on how to broaden perspectives about accessibility, inclusion, power, and privilege.

The board approved the revised plans for the CSU’s masquerade event, raising the funds allocated for this event by $367, and approved the contract between the CSU and the Vancouver Art Gallery. The board also approved the release of $650 from the budget to fund upcoming Enactus Capilano events.

To read the full set of November 4 board minutes, please visit the CSU website. The next board meeting is scheduled for November 18 at 2:30pm in LB 322.