Here are the highlights from the October 6 meeting of the CSU board of directors.

The board has approved the Policy HR-05: Living Wage.The draft policy has four key principles:

  • the CSU supports the concept of a living wage for all workers;
  • the CSU implements living wage standards in its own operations;
  • the CSU ensures these standards for our contracted/sub-contracted workers;
  • the CSU is a public advocate for living wage employment standards.

This new policy allows the CSU to support and advocate a living wage to communities, and all levels of government, to advance this principle.

The budget for the CSU’s Fright Night Halloween event has increased from $1,250 to $1,900. The board approved $7500 be transferred from campaigns to external meetings.

There have been two new appointments to the board: Christina Schulz to services committee and Erik Steel to events and outreach. There were new appointments to the food and beverage committee, and Anna Rempel was appointed by unanimous consent to alternate CSU guest at senate.

The board approved an amendment to Section II, Article 15 of Procedures to insert a new clause. The board shall make an effort to select conference delegations that:

  • represent a diverse team of delegates, including fair gender representation
  • help board development through increased experience
  • considers fairness of opportunity
  • have roles within the organization conducive to the content of the conference

To read the full set of October 6 board minutes, please visit the CSU website. The next board meeting is scheduled for October 20 in Birch 126.