Cap International Tuition
Cap International TuitionTuition Fee Campaign
The Cap International Tuition campaign demands that Capilano University implement official policy limiting tuition increases to 2% for all students.
We are advocating for more open educational resources in Capilano classrooms! Open educational resources are free, open-source textbooks — saving you money! Capilano University is still considered an underperforming institution when it comes to professors who have adopted open education resources and we’re looking to change that!
I ♥ CONSENTConsent and Sexual Violence Prevention Campaign
The mission of I ♥ Consent is to make our campus safer by providing judgment-free consent education and training in order to fight rape culture on campus


Get Out The Vote
Get Out The Vote
The Capilano Students Union participated in Get Out The Vote — a nationwide campaign led by the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA). This non-partisan campaign aimed to encourage post-secondary students across the country to get out and vote in the 2019 federal election and to make sure their voice was heard.
Where's the Housing?
Where's the Housing?
The Capilano Students’ Union joined the Alliance of BC Students to tackle the student housing issue and asked the provincial government to allow post-secondary institutions to take on debt to build student housing. The campaign also asked that the Province of British Columbia fund 10% of the costs of student housing in order to accelerate the process to help alleviate the housing market crunch. In its 2018 budget, the Province of BC committed to providing $450 million to build 5,000 new student housing beds.
Blood Is Blood
Blood Is Blood
Blood Is Blood is a campaign that opposes Health Canada’s policy that Canadian Blood Services must defer donations from men who have had sex with men within the past five years.