By identifying our allies, both on and off campus, and working collaboratively to promote positive Capilano University stories, we can begin to change the conversation. Current conversations and media stories about our campus are often controversial and/or negative. Through the use of social media, billboard advertising, print media, events, and other communication channels this campaign can inspire a positive dialogue within the community, fostering a sense of pride and ownership. Capilano University is an asset to the North Shore and should be invested in – this campaign’s objective is to remind our stakeholders of that while creating new ones.

The core objectives of this campaign are to:

  1. Change the community’s perception of Capilano University and create a sense of ownership; explain how and why it is an asset to the North Shore.
  2. Create a sense of Capilano University pride amongst the campus community.
  3. Educate the community on the unique education and employable skills gained by attending Capilano University thus improving our reputation.

Desired outcomes
Improve Capilano University’s reputation, which in turn with do a number of things. Increase alumni credibility and employability, increase on-campus spirit and create recruitment opportunities to increase Capilano’s following.


  • Online Hashtag Contest #iLoveCapU – weekly prize give aways, including 4x$50 bookstore gift cards.
  • Lots of swag from the CSU.
  • Hashtag campaign creates measurability of the campaign and creates member participation.
  • Poster Campaign “Alumni Ads” – printing through CSU.
  • Posters are to be mounted on campus and around North Vancouver. Posters are photos of students, grads and faculty/administration with talking bubbles with brief reasons why Capilano is such a unique and innovative institution.
  • Change the Conversation #iLoveCapU Luncheon, Sept 24th in the CSU Maple Lounge for Government, Alumni, Faculty and Members – to share stories about Capilano experiences.
  • Social engagement – tabling at welcome-back events, in Birch building cafeteria and Library hallway.
  • Having poster board for activity and engagement.
  • One-minute videos of interactions which will be posted on CSU social media.
  • Look for BUMPER STICKERS with #iLoveCapU.
  • Media Relations – Media releases will be written by campaign manager, Ben Glassen for approval by the External Relations Committee with editing and final approval from Executive before being shared with the following media sources: My Daily Cap blog, Capilano Courier, North Shore News, Vancity Buzz, CBC

Use the Hashtag to win and boost Capilano’s reputation!


If you are interested in getting involved with the Change the Conversation #iLoveCapU email John Morrison, CSU Membership Outreach Coordinator  at