Our mission is to make our campus safer by providing judgment-free consent education and training in order to fight rape culture on campus. From condoms to consent training, we do this in a number of ways including poster and media campaigns, workshops and training, safer sex packets, tabling with free swag, and much more!

I ♥ Consent is a joint campaign operated by the Capilano Students’ Union and Capilano University’s support & wellness department.

What We Do

Throughout the year, the I ♥ Consent campaign will be engaging students on the topic of sexualized violence and holding workshops to promote consent on campus. We are also calling on all university community members to take a stand and pledge their commitment to practicing and promoting consent, challenging rape culture and supporting survivors.

If you are interested in getting more involved, get in touch with one of the contacts in the sidebar.


On-Campus Resources

Well-Being Program Ambassadors
Library 116 • wellbeing@capilanou.cawellbeingamb@capilanou.ca
Well-being is the state of being healthy, happy, and comfortable. In order to achieve positive well-being, we need to work on all aspects of life, ensuring balance and satisfaction. Academic, mental health, sexual health, diversity, and social ambassadors are categories of student led positions that organize events on campus for students.

Counselling Services
Birch 267 • counselling@capilanou.ca • 604.984.1744 (North Vancouver) • 604.885.9310 (kálaxay, the Sunshine Coast)
Are you struggling? Do you need to talk? Counselling services understands that students sometimes experience difficulties or face obstacles that hinder their personal or academic success, we encourage you to talk to a counsellor. Sessions are free and confidential.

Health Services
Birch 249 • 604.984.4964. (North Vancouver)
General medical services are available to students at no charge on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the spring and fall terms.

Kéxwusm-áyakn Student Centre
Library 196 • dkirk@capilanou.ca • 604 984 1762, ext. 1762 (North Vancouver)
Guidance and support from an Indigenous perspective — a safe and supportive space for Indigenous students at CapU.

Off-Campus Resources

YWCA Metro Vancouver – Violence Prevention Services
enquire@ywcavan.org • 604.895.5800
Resources for women leaving abusive situations and looking to access support, our employment program for survivors of domestic abuse and legal resources.

Vancouver Incest and Sexual Abuse Centre
VISAC provides services to adult women who have experienced sexual abuse and/or childhood physical abuse. VISAC also provides Child and Family Counselling comprising short term crisis intervention and long term therapy for children and youth who have experienced sexual abuse/trauma or sexual exploitation. Services are also available to siblings and non-offending parents/caregivers.

Trauma and Sexual Abuse Counselling Centre
TASA provides support to children and youth under 19 who have experienced sexual abuse, as well as support to their non-offending family members. Services are also offered to adult women who have experienced sexual abuse and/or childhood physical abuse.

Prevention, Education, Advocacy and Counselling
The PEACE program is available to children and youth ages three to 18 who have been exposed to domestic violence. This program focuses on improving the child/youth’s emotional health and self-esteem through individual, group and/or family therapy.

Women Against Violence Against Women
WAVAW works to build a better future by offering support services to survivors of sexual assault and by advocating for a greater understanding of the root causes of violence.

Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter
The operation of this rape crisis centre and transition house are forms of direct action, developed for women by women in the 1970s as a part of the second wave of the North American women’s movement. More than just providing immediate safety, we offer a place to group, analyze, strategize and fight back against male violence.

British Columbia Society for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse
The BCSMSSA is a non-profit society established to provide therapeutic services for males who have been sexually abused at some time in their lives.

Options Community Services – Sexual Abuse Counselling Centre
SACC provides education and emotional support for family members with respect to parenting concerns, managing behaviours, preventing further abuse and communicating about sexual abuse.

Sunshine Coast Community Services – Sexual Abuse Intervention Program
Counselling is available to children and youth (ages 3-18) who have experienced sexual abuse and/or have sexual behaviour problems. This includes children under the age of 12 with sexually intrusive behaviours. Service includes a range of appropriate and timely assessment, treatment and consultation to both children and their families.

A peer support line and resource database for members of the queer community


Emily BridgePresident and Vice-President Equity & Sustainability (Capilano Students' Union)
Contact Emily for information on how to get involved with the I ♥ Consent campaign
Audrey WongCommunity Wellbeing Strategist (Capilano University)
Contact Audrey for support the reporting process for students, provide information about procedures and policy, and general survivor support.
Ashley BentleyStudent Rights & Responsibilities Advisor (Capilano University)
Contact Ashley for help finding on- and off-campus resources, navigating systems, and reporting an assault on campus.