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Tue November 15

BOARD SHORTS: November 4, 2016


Here are the highlights from the November 4 board meeting: the CSU has decided to propose amendments to the organization’s bylaws to allow for the creation of a new position to join the team of executives on the board of directors —  the vice president of equity and sustainability. The proposed position would oversee the work of the CSU’s collectives and provide the collective liaisons with more focused support, as well as allow the CSU to address social and environmental justice issues in a more effective and streamlined way. The bylaw changes must be approved by CSU membership at a special general meeting, which has been planned for November 22 at 11:30am in the CSU Members Centre (LB 195). Students are encouraged to come out, have lunch, and let their voices be heard! The agenda and full text of proposed bylaw changes can be found on the CSU’s website.

The board approved the plans for the Student Union Building Town Hall, though the date is still to be determined. $600 in funds were released in order to hold anti-oppression training for members of the board to participate in. The CSU prides itself on being an open and inclusive organization, and makes sure to continually take measures in training staff and board directors on the topic of oppression. The workshop will focus on individual and systemic barriers, expectations, and norms, as well as on how to broaden perspectives about accessibility, inclusion, power, and privilege.

The board approved the revised plans for the CSU’s masquerade event, raising the funds allocated for this event by $367, and approved the contract between the CSU and the Vancouver Art Gallery. The board also approved the release of $650 from the budget to fund upcoming Enactus Capilano events.

To read the full set of November 4 board minutes, please visit the CSU website. The next board meeting is scheduled for November 18 at 2:30pm in LB 322.

Tue November 8

BOARD SHORTS: October 21, 2016


Here are the highlights from the October 21 board of directors meeting: the following people were appointed as interim representatives until the end of the term on May 31, 2017: Amy Chen as faculty of business and professional studies representative, Sofia Avelino and Megan MacAulay as faculty of fine and applied arts representatives, Élie Lubendo as student of colour liaison, Owen Sigurdsson as environmental justice coordinator, and Nesrine Bentan as international students liaison.

The board approved released $4,600 to fund the fifth annual Rail Jam for Social Change, to be held January 26. The event is a ski and snowboarding event held on campus, featuring jumps used in conjunction with snow being brought in from nearby mountains. Proceeds from this event go to charity. The board also approved $4,585 in funding for the CSU’s masquerade event to be held at the Vancouver Art Gallery on November 25.

The board approved the release of $380 from the budget for fees related to the housing campaign, as well as the planning tool for a series of free film screenings on campus.

To read the full set of October 21 board minutes, please visit the CSU website. The next board meeting is scheduled for November 4 at 2:30pm.

Mon November 7

BOARD SHORTS: October 7, 2016


Here are the highlights from the October 7 board of directors meeting: the board moved to extend the contract of the external chairperson, Titus Gregory, to the end of December. In the interim, a group of board members were selected to sit on a committee to review his contract. Following a presentation by Erik Allas, an auditor from Tompkins, Wozny, Miller & Co, the board also approved the audited financial statements for the year (ending May 31, 2016).

The board opened up nominations for an interim students of colour liaison and an interim international students liaison, ensuring that board members from each respective constituencies were on the search committees.

The planning tool for the first installment of the #adulting series, Know Your Rights as a Tenant, be approved, and that $375 from the services section of the CSU’s budget be released to fund the workshop. The board also approved the release of $3,000 from the budget to send a delegate to the advocacy week hosted by the Canadian Alliance of Student Association. The board also agreed to open up nominations for a second delegate to attend CASA’s advocacy week, in the event that the organization received grant funding from Chartwells to do so.

The board released $5,500 from the CSU reserve fund to help pay consulting fees associated with developing a business case to lobby for the U-Pass BC program. The board also approved $1,750 for the CSU’s De-Stress Week (running November 28 to December 1).

The board approved a referendum question to be brought to the membership in regards to tying membership fees to the consumer price index. Two more referendum questions on club fees and recreational services are currently being drafted.

A memo regarding students’ vulnerability to the fentanyl criss was discussed and the board agreed to address the crisis on campus through raising awareness, providing access to resources, and referrals to support services.

To read the full set of October 7 board minutes, visit the CSU website. The next board meeting is scheduled for October 21 at 2:30pm in LB 322.

Thu September 29

BOARD SHORTS: September 23, 2016


Here are the highlights from the September 23 board meeting: after two hours of confidential debate, the board approved a motion to vacate the president position and to open up nominations for a new president of the student union. Sacha Fabry, CSU vice-president of external relations, was the only nominee and was later elected to the position by secret ballot.

A policy statement on bullying and harassment that had been drafted was approved and be made an appendix to the CSU Procedures Manual. The board also extended the list of acceptable reasons for a board member to be excused for meeting absences.

The board appointed members to sit on the external relations committee, composed of the vice-president of external relations, two students-at-large, and six board members (the board suspended the maximum number of board members who could sit on the committee due to the high level of interest). The board decided to wait until the next board meeting to appoint members to other committees, due to confusion over who wanted to sit on which committees.

The board released $800 from the budget to send the women’s liaison and the social justice coordinator to the Women & Leadership Conference: Radical Conversations, which will be held in Victoria from October 13 to 15, 2016.

To read the full set of September 23 board minutes, please visit the CSU website. The next board meeting is scheduled for October 7 at 2:30pm in Library 322.

Thu September 29

BOARD SHORTS: September 16, 2016


Here are the highlights from the September 16 board meeting: the board approved the proposed process of appointing student volunteers to the currently vacant positions on the board of directors (as non-voting members). Two search groups, composed of current board members were formed, with Amina El mantari (CSU vice-president of internal development) heading a search committee for collective liaisons and coordinators and Ashley Kenney (CSU arts and sciences faculty representative) heading a search committee for faculty and satellite campus representatives.

A board member gave notice that they would be moving to vacate the president position and open up elections for a new president at the next board of directors meeting.

To read the full set of September 16 board minutes, please visit the CSU website. The next board meeting is scheduled for September 23 at 3:30pm in Library 322.

Tue September 27

BOARD SHORTS: September 2, 2016


Here are the highlights from the September 2 board meeting: the board decided that the vice-president of student life (as well as an undecided employee alternate) would represent the Capilano Students’ Union on the committee for Capilano University’s 50th-anniversary events throughout the 2017-18.

Nominations were opened up for student vacancies for various university committees. The committee vacancies were reviewed and nominations were put forward for the academic planning and program review committee, the bylaw, policy and procedure committee, the physical environment committee, the food and beverage committee, and the anti-harassment committee. Vacancies still remain for the instructional technologies advisory committee, the art exhibition committee, and the transportation committee.  

The board decided to release $4,000 from the budget to launch the new volunteer registry, and discussed the possibility of the volunteer registry having their own booth at the Capilano University Street Party. The board approved the plans for the Ride the Bull Social event for Welcome Week and released $920 from the budget to fund it. It was also decided that a street team program be implemented as part of the volunteer registry and that $600 be released from the budget to support it.

Plans were approved to go forward with the MP Environmental Forum, a panel discussing environmental issues to be held in the Bosa theatre with North Vancouver member of parliament Jonathan Wilkinson. They agreed to release $500 from the budget for funding purposes.

To read the full set of September 2 board minutes, please visit the CSU website. The next board meeting is scheduled for September 23 at 3:30pm in Maple 116. 

Wed September 7

Student housing a solution to the housing crisis


wheres-the-housing_NORTH VANCOUVER – The Alliance of British Columbia Students (ABCS) released research today outlining the way that a minor change in government policy would unlock nearly two billion dollars in new housing in British Columbia. The Capilano Students’ Union (CSU) contributed to the research effort, and the data indicates that for only $18 million dollars per year over a ten-year period, the government could enable the construction of over 20,000 units of rental housing in the form of student residences.

“We think it’s a huge untapped possibility, and would go a long way to fixing the housing market in Metro Vancouver,” said Sacha Fabry, vice-president of external relations for the CSU. “All that’s holding this back is a thin line of red tape, stopping universities from building the housing our cities badly need.”

The effect on Capilano University would be profound. The housing market is so constricted on the NorthShore that students are beginning to live farther and farther from campus. This reduces their quality of life and further chokes the congestion on the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge. Pulling students out of nearby rental markets, or those as far away as Burnaby, Coquitlam, or Surrey, opens up  rental opportunities for others, helping the entire region.

Because of government regulation, there have been almost no new residence spaces added to BC universities, other than at UBC, over the past ten years. In that same time, student population has increased significantly, including international students.

“We keep hearing stories from our students, living out of their cars, or spending 50, 60 or even 70% of their income on rent,” said Jullian Kolstee, CSU president. “Students just can’t afford to live in this region, and the province has all of the power to change that.”

The ABCS has launched a campaign called “Where’s the Housing?” that can be found at, calling on the government to strip the red tape that prevents students from getting out of the rental market and onto campus. There are a number of events planned through September to continue to highlight this campaign and the dire need for more housing in Metro Vancouver.


CSU volunteers collect signatures for the “Where’s the Housing?” campaign


The “Where’s the Housing?” campaign tent at the Capilano University Street Party on September 6, 2016


Tue September 6

Welcome to the 2016/17 academic year


Jullian Kolstee, CSU president

Dear Capilano Students’ Union members,

That’s you. Taking even a single credit at Capilano this term—or last—makes you a member of the Capilano Students’ Union. Our student union represents you, advocates for you, provides you with services, and more. We are independent of the university, with autonomy over how our organization can best serve our members.

The CSU is yours. Whether by simply exercising your right to vote in our elections and general meetings; by attending a collective, committee, or board meeting; or running for a position on our board of directors, you have the power to influence and guide our student union.

But what does the student union actually do for you? Let’s start with what you’ll see, and count this handbook for one. Odds are you’ve picked up this handbook in one of our student spaces, such as our CSU Members Centre or Treehouse located in the Library building, or our Maple lounge in the Maple building. These are some of the best spaces at Capilano, and they have been leased, renovated, and operated by our student union for our members.

You might have travelled to Capilano by transit today, and taken advantage of the U-Pass program for which our student union negotiated. You could be wearing glasses you claimed through your vision benefits in our student health and dental benefits plan.

Hopefully you’ve taken advantage of our used textbook sale to keep a few more dollars in your pocket or used the discounts and giveaways we provide to save even more.

With the cash you’ve saved you could buy a ticket to one of our off-campus student life events where you can connect with your friends from Cap outside of the classroom: on the dance floor or the deck of a party boat. On-campus you’ll make friends getting involved in a CSU club or collective, or at one of our events like Welcome Back or Rail Jam.

Behind the scenes, our staff and board of directors will be working in committees and our administration office to make all this happen. We’ll strive to provide the CSU with good governance including making our work transparent to our members, and consulting you and other Capilano stakeholders in our decision-making.

We’ll continue to advocate for you with the Capilano University administration, board of governors, and senate; as well as externally with partners in post-secondary education including the municipal, provincial and federal governments.

Students’ concerns at Capilano are the CSU’s priorities; that’s why we continue to campaign on student housing and sexual assault, and will work to provide our members with information on the upcoming provincial election so that we are empowered to vote and put student issues on the political agenda.

We’re here to serve you, so the question is: how will you use the Capilano Students’ Union? I encourage you to take advantage of all we have to offer to make the most of your student experience at Capilano. Make the CSU what you want it to be, and leave Capilano a better place than you found it.

Jullian Kolstee
President and Vice-President of University Relations & Services

Thu August 25

BOARD SHORTS: August 19, 2016


Here are the highlights from the August 19 board of directors meeting: the CSU board of directors decided to pursue a membership with the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA). As a result, the external relations committee will draft a referendum question on fees associated with CASA membership to present to the student body. The dates for the fall semester’s board of directors meetings were officially set, and the procedures manual was altered to provide a more specific list of reasons why a board member may be absent from a meeting.

The vice-presidents of the organization are required to present reports to the board every semester, explaining what they have accomplished this semester so far as well as what their goals are for the coming semester. The board approved all of their goals for the coming months, but asked three of the vice-presidents to present again at the next board meeting with more detail on what they had accomplished over the summer.

The board decided to release $1,825 in funds to support the housing campaign as well as $2,050 to fund Disorientation, a welcome back event that will be held at Library Square on September 16. The board decided that tickets sales for Disorientation will be conducted both online and in person.

To read the full set of August 19 board minutes, please visit our website. The next board meeting is scheduled for September 2 at 2:30pm in Birch 126.

Mon August 8

BOARD SHORTS: August 5, 2016


Here are the highlights from the August 5 board of directors meeting: the board approved the plans for the government relations luncheon where MLA representatives in North Vancouver and MP Jonathan Wilkinson will meet with directors of the CSU to discuss the topic of student well-being and encourage a relationship between these governing bodies and Capilano University. The date is to be determined, but is planned to happen in the beginning of the fall semester.

The board approved the fees totalling $1436.70 for membership to the Alliance of BC Students for the 2016/2017 year. The board discussed a meeting with TransLink to negotiate an extension of the U-Pass contract, hoping to agree to a term up to 10 years, potentially.

It was decided that the board would appoint students to fill the vacant board positions. There are several positions to be filled, including a students of colour liaison and environmental justice coordinator, Sunshine Coast campus representative, and representatives for the faculties of business and professional studies; education, health, and human development; and fine and applied arts.

The board decided that, moving forward, every meeting will begin with a traditional land acknowledgment for the Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh nations. In addition, in keeping with past practices, it was made official that every attendee will have the option to state their preferred gender pronouns and any accessibility needs they may be experiencing. Accessibility needs include, but are not limited to, physical, mental, and emotional hindrances or impairments — be the long-term, short-term, or temporary. Stating accessibility needs are meant to foster a comfortable and accommodating environment that allows all attendees to participate to their fullest capacity.

It was decided that members of the executive committee may be excused from attending their regularly scheduled office hours during which time they are attending conferences authorized by the board. The budget was amended to increase funding for professional association membership and management expenses.

The board approved the plans for the afterparty held at Narrows Pub during the fall semester’s Welcome Week. Plans were also approved for Spidey the Illusionist to deliver a performance  Welcome Week.

To read the full set of August 8 board minutes, please visit our website. The next board meeting is scheduled for August 19 at 4:00pm in Birch 126.