The Capilano Business & Professional Society (CBPS) is a student run undergraduate Standing Committee of the Capilano Students’ Union, which is the student society that represents over 8,500 students at the North Vancouver and Sechelt campuses at Capilano University. The CBPS mission is to enhance the experience for business and professional studies students at Capilano University in academic, campus and social life. The CBPS is the collective voice for business students at Capilano University.


Capilano Accounting Association (CAA)

The Capilano Accounting Association (CAA) is made up of a group of students that wish to pursue a career in accounting and/or finance. CAA offers networking and informative events; opportunities to connect with national and regional firms; academic support with accounting or finance courses; and a range of volunteering opportunities. For more information, please check out the CAA website at capuaccounting.com/

Capilano Finance Association (CFA)

The Capilano Finance Association (CFA) strives to be an on-campus catalyst to facilitate its undergraduate students’ careers and personal development by providing education, information on local competitions, and powerful networking opportunities with finance professionals and fellow students. 

Capilano University Marketing Association (CAPUMA)

The Capilano University Marketing Association (CAPUMA) provides opportunities to unite students and industry professionals and creates marketing related events that supports the student’s knowledge, experience, and skills to enhance their education and beyond. For more information, please check out the CAPUMA website at capuma.ca.

Human Resources Management Association (HRMA)

The Capilano Human Resources Management Association (HRMA) provides on and off campus opportunities for networking and professional development within the Human Resources Management field, while continuing to ensure the prosperity and sustainability of the Capilano School of Business and the future success of its graduates. For more information, please check out the HRMA website at capilanohrma.ca.

International Business Association (IBA)

The Capilano International Business Association is a grassroots organization working to help students interested in international business become successful. We provide resources such as practical workshops, networking opportunities and professional development. For more information please contact us at iba@csu.bc.ca.


Elle Donnelly President, Capilano Business & Professional Society
Donna ColeDirector, Student Associations


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