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3D Printing Club

Mission statement: Working in partnership with the Capilano Engineering Department, the 3D Printing Club aims to provide students with access to the school’s 3D Printers. Our goal is to educate the student body on the breakthrough technology of 3D printing.
Co-presidents: Ellison Tong and Charmaine Neufeld ( • website

Anime Club

Mission statement: To give all the shy and not so shy Otakus a place to participate in anime/manga related activities such as: videos, books, and other fan art creations.
President: Kenneth Esmeralda ( • FacebookFacebook discussion group

Arabic Cultural Club

Mission statement: To introduce Arab values and culture to the Capilano community, to engage in activities that will strengthen the intellectual and social objectives of its members, and to provide awareness and resources about the middle east and its culture among its members and the community.
President: Ahmed Alghamdi (

Bhangra Regiment

Mission statement: Our mission is to start Punjabi cultural dance Bhangra in University because there are many students who belongs to that culture and also we want to spread our cultural beauty among other people.
President: Rajinder Joshi (

Capilano Climbing Club

Mission statement: Our Mission at the Capilano Climbing Club is to bring affordable, fun and social indoor rock climbing to the students of Capilano Univesity. We strive to be an inclusive club were Capilano students of all ages and backgrounds are welcome.
Contacts: Andrew Barnes, president ( and Haley Kuzek, treasurer ( • Facebook

Capilano Debate Team

Mission statement: To promote, educate, and encourage Capilano students to participate in the world of debate.
President: Noah Berson (

Capilano League of Legends Club

Mission statement: League of Legends has an enormous player base. We aim to use this club to bring students together to enjoy something they all have in common and to make new friends.
President: Justin Tan ( • Facebook

Capilano Pre-Law Club

Mission statement: It is the mission of the club to connect students interested in pursuing an education in law school with other likeminded students, faculty, professionals, and resources.
President: Andrew Willis ( )

Capilano Radio Club

Mission statement: Our aim is to provide a platform for students to have their voices heard, and have local student art and projects showcased.
President: Will Clements ( • website • Facebook

Capilano Tabletop Role-Playing Club

Mission statement: The Capilano Tabletop Role-Playing Club seeks to promote positive social interactions and lasting friendships through pen and paper games. It also seeks to introduce pen and paper games to the student body of Capilano University; to help members practice positive social behaviours; To help members develop stronger imaginations; and to have fun.
President: Thomas Leung (

Capilano Vegan Club

Mission statement: The Capilano Vegan Club is an inclusive community seeking to connect like-minded people who are interested in bettering the lives of animals, conserving the environment, and promoting a healthy lifestyle.
PresidentMaclayne Simone (

Capilano Yoga Club

Mission statement: The CYC provides students access to the practice of yoga, and aims to build a society of yoga practitioners on campus.
President: Duncan Davidson ( • Facebook • meets Wednesdays at 11:30-12:30 in the Sportsplex fitness centre (spring 2018)

Enactus Capilano

Mission statement: Enactus Capilano strives to provide the support and opportunity to create and foster sustainable projects that benefit the community by identifying social, economic, and environmental needs
President: Betty Huang ( • websiteInstagramFacebook

Environmental Club

Mission statement: We are here to raise awareness in the Capilano University community about the importance of understanding the concepts of environmentalism, conservation and other related ideas. The Club will hold meetings to discuss issues related to the environment at Capilano and in the community. The Club will also do this through activities such as, but not limited to; hikes, rock climbing, kayaking, etc. Acting as a place where students can make connections with other individuals as a social platform, while providing a more ecologically conscious and greener campus through its informative structure.
President: Joel Woznow (

Exercise is Medicine

Mission statement: To create connections between HKIN students, Capilano University student body, faculty, and staff on campus, and promote health and wellness through exercise and active living. Exercise is Medicine Canada/Campus/CapU (EIMC) in Canada is organized by CSEP to promote the prescription of exercise by more health professionals in order to increase physical fitness and improve the health and wellness of the population.
President: Sean Ferguson (

Indigenous Student Council

Mission statement:
We need to come together as Indigenous Students to discuss issues of politics regarding Kinder Morgan, Land Claims, Treaty agreements, activism and how we can help. Especially when it comes to bringing awareness on campus.
President: Tristin Greyeyes (

Karaoke Club

Mission statement: We want to provide a space for people to explore and/or make a habit out of the art that is KARAOKE. With a chill and positive environment in mind, we sing songs, cheer each other on, and talk about all kinds of music~ Whether you are a singing veteran, a music-lover that has yet to grace the stage, or a professional audience member, you can expect fun-filled activities and a chance to meet with others who just want to take a break in the week to play! Singing chops don’t define the Karaoke Club – the people you sing with do!
President: Jessie Nguyen (

Music Therapy Students Alliance

Mission statement: The Music Therapy Students Alliance operates to offer support to the cohorts of the Music Therapy Program by fostering community involvement, professional development, and positive promotion of music therapy.  
Kaylen Lesko ( and Natalie Kimpton (

Student Worker Alliance Group

Mission statement: It is the mission of the club to build solidarity between workers and students on campus to raise awareness about issues that impact members of the campus community including living wage, precarious working conditions, rising tuitions, cost of living, and other issues related to equality and social justice.
President: Leticia Fox ( • Facebook • Meets Fridays at 11:30 in Library room 215

Thrive: Recreation Club

Mission statement: We aim to connect CapU students to the nature around campus, and the nature within them, by running through the forest, and doing other activities around campus.
President: Joshua Larsen ( • Facebook

Underground Writer’s Guild

Mission statement: Creating a stress-free environment for aspiring writers. Biweekly workshopping sessions to develop skills and receive feedback and constructive criticism.
President: Sarah Rose Klassen ( • Facebook


Mission statement: Reduce stress, enhance soft skills and develop leaders so that human values can flourish in people and communities by partnering with institutions around globe.
President: Chitrali Sharma ( • website

Young Women in Business

Mission statement: YWiB Capilano strives to empower all women across all faculties by creating opportunities that will inspire them to pursue their passions and continuously engage in professional and personal development.
Presidents: Angela Jiang and Michelle Zhen (, • website • Instagram • Facebook


YATS PALATVice-President of Student Life
Contact the vice-president of student life if you want to discuss a new club, get ideas for events, or if you have ideas about about improving campus life.
SARAH CARRIERPrograms Director
Contact the CSU’s programs diretor if you need a hand with space booking, more information about the funding request process, or assistance marketing your club or event.