African and Caribbean Heritage Club

The African and Caribbean Heritage Club aims to create dialogue around intercultural histories, relationships and current events on campus. We work to initiate and maintain fellowship between students interested in the African and Caribbean cultural heritage and students of African and Caribbean descent. Liaison: Sina Yetbarek

Arabic Cultural Students Associations Club

The Arabic Cultural Students Associations Club will provide a friendly accommodation to all new and current Arabic students to connect with each other and Capilano U community. This will give them opportunity for all to have leadership experience with the association. Liaison: Ahmed Alghamdi

Association of Latin American Students

The mission statement of the Association of Latin Students is to target the Hispanic student and engage them into the CapU community: proportioning an embracing environment. Whoever wants to join either to get to know the culture, practice Spanish, or to know people (or other who are welcome to join). Liaison: Beatriz Miralles

Bee Club

The Capilano University Bee Club is a club dedicated to the construction of a CapU mason bee and honey bee colony, and to raising awareness about the bee issue that we are facing today (ie: bee colonies dying due to the use of pesticides, etc.). We hope to get people to understand the true threat that the endangerment of bees has on our economy, our environment, and our future. Liaison: Owen Sigurdsson

Capilano Billiards Club

The Capilano Billiards Club aims to teach the game, hone skills, and promote the tradition of university students playing pool. Liasion: George Quintero

Chess Club

Our purpose is to inspire an grow the skills pertinent to and the love of chess. Our aim is to have weekly meetings, bring in speakers and play movies in the CSU while playing and improving chess games! Liaison: Jazica Chan

Chinese Students Scholar Association

The Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) is the official organization for overseas Chinese students and scholars registered in Capilano University. CSSA is mostly responsible for helping away-from-home Chinese in their life, study, work, and other issues. CSSA also serves as a bridge between the Chinese and other communities, spreading Chinese culture. Liaison: Lydia Zhang

Climbing Club

There’s a beautiful new climbing gym just 25 minutes away from campus. Let’s socialize, exercise, and problem-solve together, through climbing! LiaisonJess Pollard

Conservative Alliance

The mission of the Capilano Conservative Alliance (CCA) is to secure a community for right-leaning students to discuss and learn more about the history, and present day cultural, social, political, and economic impact of conservatism in Canada and the rest of the world. Discussions include issues and ideas related to responsible development, limited government, strong and moral foreign policy, the rule of law and appropriate justice. The CCA is a staunch defender of free-market enterprise, economic liberty and religious and individual freedom, and courageous, intellectual and respectful discussions on these topics. The CCA is also a platform for our members to educate and train the future generation of conservatives in combatting the perils of socialism and cultural marxism in their lives and in their communities. It is our intention to provide more perspective on the various opportunities conservative values offer for Canada’s future, and the future of the individual, and identify the numerous forces in contemporary Canadian politics who wish to suppress them. As a political club on campus we are eager and open to extending our opportunities to all students at Capilano University. Liaison: Ben Lawton

Eastern Civilization Club

Networking, Culture learning, Cuisines, Traveling, Planning future career in Asia, Hangout, Exploring Vancouver. Sounds interesting?

Ranging from religions, languages, music to films, each week this club aims to present you some in-depth understandings of Eastern cultures provided by people from the region. We will also take advantage of the cultural diversity of Vancouver by exploring a handful of good restaurants of Eastern food twice a month on weekends (i.e. Corner 23, Vij’s, and other well-rated restaurants on Yelp). Liaison: Hank Chan. Website.

Effective Altruism

Effective Altruism is a movement with the goal of doing the most good possible. Effective Altruists use evidence and reason to determine the most effective ways to improve the world, and live life better. The club’s goal at capilano is to discuss effective altruism, start school initiatives, and hang out with other like-minded people. Liaison: Daniel Irving

Enactus Capilano

Enactus Capilano strives to provide the support and opportunity to create and foster sustainable programs that benefit the community by identifying social, economic, and environmental needs. Liaison: Betty Huang

French Club

A friendly environment in which we can practice speaking French. Liaison: Sania Tahermaram. Website.

Gaming Club

Our aim is to provide Capilano University students with a variety of gaming-related events, allowing students to socialize with the community and to play their favorite games. What types of games will we play? Board games, video games, card games, miniatures games, and role-playing games. What do you want to try? Let us know, we are always down for a new game. LiaisonNicholas Martinez


To provide a space for politically minded and environmentally conscious students of Capilano University that identify with the goals and values of the Green Party of Canada to meet, work, and socialize. Liaison: Nadia Saliba

Heartbeat Club

The objectives of this group are as follows:
1. To increase awareness of fetal development and contemporary bioethical issues
2. To provide information on positive alternatives to abortion
3. To generate support for women facing untimely pregnancies and/or those who have had abortions and to provide information on services available

We desire to be a helping hand for women who are facing crisis pregnancies. We want to aid and educate university students on this culturally relevant issue. Liaison: Ashley Bulthuis

Human Kinetics Student Council

The mission of the Human Kinetics Student Council is to enhance the school experience for students within the faculty by planning scholarly and social events, promoting on campus health and fitness, and creating relationships with the community to provide volunteer opportunities and career experience. Liaison: Bailey Cove (president)

IDEA Library

We aim to create a library of reference books, focusing on design and illustration, for use by students that may not be able to afford them. We plan to use money provided by the CSA, fundraising and donations to fill a library which will be housed in the 2nd year IDEA room. Liaison: Danielle Vallée

Mindful Students

Mindful students is a meditation club focused on providing those who attend Capilano University with an alternative way of dealing with stress, lack of focus, depression, anxiety and all other debilitating mental states. Club members commit to practicing certain principles such as honesty, integrity, compassion, unity and serenity.
We are a club that wants to give back to our community. With every meet that we have, we will discuss and organize plans and strategies to help those in need. Liaison: Miles E. Hayes

Music Therapy Student Association

The mission of the Music Therapy Student Association (MTSA) is to serve as a network of support for the students of the music therapy program and to assist in creating a level of awareness of music therapy on campus. The association also serves as a link with provincial and national matters as they pertain to students. Furthermore, the MTSA will provide resources for student in their professional development. The co-presidents of the MTSA will serve as a link between the students and the MTABC (Music Therapy Association of British Columbia) and the CAMT (Canadian Association of Music Therapy) by attending board meetings regularly. The MTS promotes campus awareness by organizing social events whereby all members and students are invited to participate. The MTSA organizes a series of guest lectures pertaining to relevant topics in the field of Music Therapy and master-classes on instrumental techniques to facilitate professional development. LiaisonsAisling Ryan-Aylward and Joshua Denny-Keys (co-presidents)

Pen and Paper Club

The Pen and Paper Club seeks to promote positive social interactions and lasting friendships through pen and paper games. It also seeks to introduce pen and paper games to the student body of Capilano University; to help members practice positive social behaviours; To help members develop stronger imaginations; and to have fun. Liaison: Thomas Leung

Persian Students Club

We want to show Iranian people culture, art, and event to another student that they are from another countries. We want to share our happiness with them, make celebrate our new years and other Persian events. Liason: Hamed Eslami

Personal Empowerment Network

The purpose of the Personal Empowerment Network  is to educate students about being successful in life/work/relationships. By giving motivational speeches, we encourage students to follow their goals despite all the difficulties in their lives/economy. Liaisons: Mahyar Mo and Perry Safari.

Political Students Club

The main objective this year is to create a friendly setting in which we can explore and familiarize ourselves with domestic and international issues; yet most importantly learn, grow, AND HAVE FUN! Liaison: Sania Tahermaram

Red Couch Club

The Red Couch Club seeks to create caring communities of students and serve our campus. Liaison: Ashley Bulthuis

Rock Climbing Club

Our aim is to foster a community of climbers who get together for weekly social climbing, friendly competitions, and outdoor climbing trips. All skill-levels are welcome. Liaison: Kirin Lamb

Ski and Board Club

The Ski and Board clubs seeks to promote the joy of skiing and other directly related sports, in all their diversity and to foster fellowship, healthy living and adventure year-round among recreational skiers and outdoor enthusiasts. Liaison: Royce Cang

Speechmaker Club

The Speechmaker Club is open to anyone who wants to learn the art of speaking in small and large groups. We will support you in overcoming your fear of speaking in public and empower you to be a better leader in your chosen field. Liaison: Ida Reiman


Young Liberals of Canada

The goal of the CapU Young Liberals of Canada in British Columbia is to provide an avenue to engage students who are interested in becoming more active and educated within Canadian partisan politics. In coordination with the CSU we would hope to be able to host events that would require booking rooms, acquiring educational resources and environmental support.Under the Young Liberal constitution, the Cap U club’s mandate would be to involve students commuting to the Capilano campus to provide them with opportunities to get more involved on the federal level of politics. This would be presented in a manner that is consistent with the Liberal Party of Canada’s ideology that encourages equality of opportunity, a right to a life of dignity, and pragmatism. This would mean we would provide opportunities to help organize events, volunteer for local ridings, learn ‘Get Out the Vote’ strategies and enjoy social interactions amongst members. Liaison: Brittany Barnes


KATE PHIFERVice-President of Student Life
Contact Kate Phifer if you want to discuss a new club, get ideas for events, or if you have ideas about about improving campus life.
JOHN MORRISONMembership Outreach Coordinator
Contact John if you need a hand with space booking, more information about the funding request process, or assistance marketing your club or event.