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In the spring of 1991, Aboriginal students formed a collective to discuss issues, provide support, and organize events and campaigns around Aboriginal issues. The collective is comprised of any self-identifying First Nations students who are members of the Capilano Students’ Union. In the past, the collective has worked on a wide variety of issues and events such as a meet and greet, movie nights, pot lucks, first nations awareness days and guest speakers. Collective meetings are held regularly throughout the semester in the First Nations lounge; please look for our posters around campus to find out the meeting times.


The First Nations Students Collective gives members the chance to make the First Nations Lounge and Capilano University a better place for students. It is a way for Aboriginal students to organize events that bring awareness of their culture and issues on-campus or issues affecting all First Nations. The collective is dedicated to addressing the very specific needs of Aboriginal Students while making certain that supports are available for those students. The collective is the way to make changes within the student union and the college; if you have ideas regarding any First Nations issues or an idea for an event you would like to see happen on campus, please bring them to the collective.The First Nations Students Collective of the Capilano Students’ Union considers the University access programs, support services, and culturally appropriate curriculum essential as they enhance the enrolment and the completion rates for Aboriginal Peoples.

Kéxwusm-áyakn Student Centre

The Kéxwusm-áyakn Student Centre provides a support network for First Nations students at Capilano University, while helping First Nations culture to flourish in the university community. The centre is located in Library 194, on the ground floor next to the washrooms and CSU Members Centre. The lounge works to:

  • provide a safe place for students of Aboriginal ancestry (First Nations, Inuit, Metis) to relax and meet new people
  • provide information and resources relevant to all First Nations
  • provide a study space, a meeting place and a place to eat lunch
  • it’s a great opportunity to meet new people and have some fun. The First Nations Lounge is where First Nations students can gather to study, share, and socialize in a relaxed atmosphere. Please contact the First Nations Advisor or contact the organizer at the Students’ Union for the door combination.

Resources in the lounge include:

  • computer and printer
  • fridge, microwave and sink
  • telephone
  • free nutritious food, coffee and tea
  • resource library
  • notice board for events

We welcome everyone and hope you stop by. Whatever the need, or if you just want a place to find friends on your academic journey, the First Nations Lounge will add to your success while attending Capilano University and in your future endeavours.


The First Nations Student Advisor provides direct services to First Nations students in a variety of ways:

  • assistance with course selection and registration
  • information concerning college resources
  • advisor for special programs
  • liaison with First Nations Band Education officers and college instructors
  • consultation regarding personal and educational matters

The advisor also acts as resource to the student-based First Nations Students’ CommitteeLocated in the Kéxwusm-áyakn Student Centre at the North Vancouver campus, the Advisor also coordinates advice provided to the University from its First Nations Advisory Committee, an external advisory group.Contact David Kirk BSW, First Nations Advisor – Tel: 604-984-1762, fax: 604-990-7902 or e-mail:


The First Nations External Advisory Committee meets regularly every month during the school year to discuss scholastic issues and programmes regarding First Nations students at Capilano University. The First Nations Issues Coordinator and a First Nations student are invited to sit on this Committee. Please contact the First Nations Issues Coordinator or the Capilano Students’ Union Organizer if you are interested in sitting on this Committee.


Mount Currie Foundations ProgramContact Judy Rose – Tel: 604.983.7573, or local 7573College & Career Preparation ProgramContact Judy Rose – Tel: 604.983.7573, or local 7573Indigenous Independent Digital Filmmaking ProgramContact Jackson Crick – Tel: 604.986.1911 ext. 7904


First Nations Students Liaison


If you are interested in getting involved with the First Nations Students Collective, please email!