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CSU collectives represent self-identified members of various constituency groups at Capilano. They meet regularly to work on ways to benefit the students they represent , these activities include:

  • organizing events to help students build support and friendship in their community
  • executing campaigns to raise awareness of issues facing their group
  • facilitating discussions and seminars on important issues in the community
  • finding ways to break down stigma in the broader society
  • improving accessibility for students to resources, programs and events on and off campus



The international students’ collective represents the international student body on campus, helping them navigate their new surroundings and environment in and around Capilano University. This group is made up of active international students from across the globe. We are international students who come together to work on issues, provide support, and organize campaigns around international students’ issues. We are a co-operative multi-cultural group that communicates effectively, exchanges skills, and shares information, experiences, and ideas.


We provide a space for international students to air their grievances, meet new people through fun social activities, and find help maneuvering foreign systems. We provide avenues for international students to communicate effectively, exchange skills, and share information. Our mandate includes raising awareness of diversity and multiculturalism through cultural exchange and developing educational and active campaigns to oppose racism, violence, sexism, and xenophobia. We work to create a hospitable and equitable environment for international students at Capilano University by:

  • pointing students to external resources and information on visas, tenants rights, etc.
  • organizing social activities and events to provide a sense of community among international students.
  • raising awareness of diversity and multiculturalism through cultural exchange


Harsha SharmaInternational Students Liaison


Check the CSU calendar for collective meetings!