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We are international students who come together to work on issues, provide support, and organize campaigns around international students’ issues.


This committee is comprised of self-identifying international students who work to create a hospitable and equitable environment for international students at Capilano University by:

  • organizing international students into one cooperative group that can communicate effectively, exchange skills, and share information, experiences and ideas
  • assisting with questions regarding immigration documents
  • offering resources such as citizen handbooks for loan at the Capilano Students’ Union office
  • working to create jobs on campus
  • organizing social activities to provide a sense of community
  • raising awareness of diversity and multiculturalism through cultural exchange
  • developing campaigns to oppose any kind of racism or violence
  • working on the provincial and national levels with the other members of the Canadian Federation of Students to realize our goal of lower international student tuition fees
  • organizing ‘Immigration Clinics’ where international students can book a half hour consultation with an Immigration Lawyer that comes ones a month. This service is completely FREE, you just have to contact the CSU or the International Students Liaison. The immigration Clinics are also open to all students at Capilano University.
  • assisting with employment and work permits; International Students are now allowed to work out side campus. Stop by the International Student Centre for more information.

Come to the International Students Committee meetings to meet more people and share a space where your ideas can be heard. Check with the Capilano Students’ Union for meeting times and place.

Centre for International Experience

Staff in the Centre for International Experience work closely with students to ensure that they receive the necessary application and admission information and documentation prior to their arrival. All international students are invited to orientation before the start of term. As well, the Centre for International Experience provides information and resources on all aspects of the international students’ stay in Canada.


International Students Liaison


If you are interested in getting involved with the International Students Collective, please email!