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The Women’s Collective strives to overturn oppressive, patriarchal attitudes on campus and in society at large. Men are welcome to join the Womens’ Collective during open meetings–contact the Liaison for details.

The issues that the Women’s Collective deals with include: sexism, homophobia, inclusiveness, poverty, diversity, and women’s political status within society.


Women meet once a week for Women’s Collective meetings to get involved with international campaigns and organize and attend events on campus and in the community focused on the status of women and women’s rights and equality.

The Women’s Liaison is an elected member of the Capilano Students’ Union (CSU) who acts as a facilitator, bringing women together to organize events that promote equality and the elimination of oppression of self-identified women and celebrate women’s historical achievements. The work of the Women’s Liaison is to support a community of informed, self-confident, active women who are willing to work to create change on campus and in the community.

The CSU’s Women’s Collective works in solidarity with many off-campus women’s organizations including: Grassroots Women and North Shore Women’s Centre. The Women’s Collective supports many off-campus women’s organizations by attending their events and rallies, some events include Take Back the Night and the International Women’s Day Rallies and events.

December 6th, the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women

In the month of November, the Collective focuses on Violence Against Women and sells handmade beeswax candles in honor of December 6th, the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women. All proceeds are then donated to Sage House, a local womens transition house for women escaping abusive relationships. On December 6th the Collective hosts a candle light vigil for the women killed in the Montreal Massacre and all women affected by violence.

Eating Disorder Awareness Week

In February, the Women’s Collective host events about eating disorders and healthy body images. Guest Speakers, videos and a potluck for the womyn on campus are all aimed to create dialogue about eating disorders and information for those women (and men) affected by a variety of eating disorders.

March 8th — International Women’s Day

In order to celebrate International Womens Day, the Women’s Collective organizes a whole week of great events: workshops about sexual pleasure and health and menstrual health, free self-defense classes and a music and arts day to celebrate the great women artists and musicians on this campus!

These are just a few of the regular events put on by the Women’s Collective. There are also frequents guest speakers and events regarding current womens issues.

To get involved in the planning of any of these events contact the Women’s Liaison at womens@csu.bc.ca, or attend a Women’s Collective meeting anytime!


Located in Library 137


  • Any female student, staff or faculty with a valid university ID card
  • Self-identified women can get a door card for the Women’s Centre by inquiring at the CSU desk in LB 195

The Women’s Centre is a women-only, safe space on campus.

It is a space where women can truly relax, whether it involves socializing with friends, resting, studying, praying, nursing a baby, or talking with other women about personal or social issues which they might not feel ready to discuss in a gender-mixed group.

The Women’s Centre has a long Herstory (since 1974) of providing information on issues facing women in its collection of resource material and providing information about political and social events on and off campus. The Women’s Centre strives to promote social, political and cultural interaction between women on campus.

Why Are Only Women Allowed In The Women’s Centre?

The women-only policy grew from the recognition of women as an oppressed group in society and the belief that people who are oppressed or marginalized must be free to enact their own social change. Women deserve to better understand their situations and positions within society, this process begins with the definition and control of women’s own spaces.

The Women’s Centre works to:

  • provide a safe place for all self-identified women regardless of religion, age, ability, ethnicity, or sexual orientation
  • help women access services within the University, as well as, in the broader community
  • provide information and resources relevant to women
  • promote women’s equality and the full participation of women in society
  • advocate against all forms of oppression

Rhita Johnson Memorial Library

The Women’s Centre at Capilano has existed in many different locations and forms.  For a time, it was home to the Rita Johnson Memorial Library, a bequest of a former Capilano staff member who was the assistant to the first coordinator of the Women’s Centre.  In the 1990s, the Rita Johnson Memorial Library collection was re-homed to the university’s library, and the books can now be found throughout the library’s shelves.

In honour of International Women’s Day 2016, in cooperation with the Capilano University Library, the Rita Johnson Memorial Library was featured at the library entrance.  A number of the titles were displayed, including  The Dialogue Continues: Tales from the Making of Capilano College, which contains a chapter on the history of the Women’s Centre and Women’s Studies at Capilano.  The display ran from March 1 – 13.  

The collection is generally found in the Women’s Studies area of the library, HQ 1100 to 1500.  The books are marked inside the front cover, indicating that they are part of the Rita Johnson Memorial library.  


Women Students Liaison


If you are interested in getting involved with the Women’s Collective, please email womens@csu.bc.ca!