The events and outreach committee’s duties are to:

  • support the planning and implementation of events that enrich the social and personal lives of the members, and ensure visible and effective marketing for such events and for other campus events of interest to the members;
  • support the coordination of ceremonies, dinners and appreciation events held by the society;
  • examine new and innovative ideas for engaging the members in the society’s activities and for other projects that enable the Society to fulfill its constitutional purposes and in pursuit of the society’s strategic plan;
  • maintain and regularly review the society’s student mental health strategy;
  • advise the executive committee and the CSU board of directors on how to communicate information about activities and issues facing the society to the membership in a full, succinct, and timely way;
  • establish channels, protocols, and programs aimed at encouraging input from and consultation with the society’s membership;
  • consider applications to establish or dissolve clubs, and applications to fund club events or activities, and to make related recommendations to the executive committee for approval;
  • review and track all events of the society;
  • such other powers and duties as assigned by the CSU board of directors, from time to time shall audit and evaluate all events of the society on a yearly basis.


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