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The services committee’s duties are to:

  • evaluate and monitor the performance of services provided by the society to its members, and provide recommendations to the CSU board of directors for the expansion, revision or discontinuation of services as appropriate;
  • b. support the vice-president finance and services in the research, planning, development, and implementation of new services for the members
  • monitor the performance of the extended health and dental benefits plan for members, and provide recommendations to the Board, as necessary, to establish, revise, or discontinue benefits;
  • support the vice-president of finance and services in the negotiation of contracts and agreements related to the implementation of services;
  • provide advice to the vice-president of finance and services on best practices related to the implementation and ongoing delivery of services to the members; and
  • such other powers and duties as assigned by the CSU board of directors, from time to time.

For a full listing of all of the CSU’s services, visit the services page.


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