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Our mission is to make our campus safer by providing judgment-free consent education and training in order to fight rape culture on campus. From condoms to consent training, we do this in a number of ways, including poster and media campaigns, workshops and training, safer sex packets, tabling with free swag, and much more!

Let’s Get Consensual is a joint campaign operated by the Capilano Students’ Union and Capilano University’s support & wellness department, and was initially started by the University of Victoria, the University of Victoria Student Society, the Anti-Violence Project, and partner organizations across BC.



Throughout the year, the CSU, partnered with Capilano University’s student affairs department and the will be both tabling around campus engaging students on the topics of sexualized violence and holding workshops and seminars to promote consent on campus. The workshops are open to all! We are working to make consent the norm at Capilano. These outreach project include getting students to #TakeThePledge.  


We are always accepting volunteers and love when students help out and get involved in any way possible. Below are the following ways to get involved with Lets Get Consensual.


It’s as easy as signing your name. Take the pledge to promote consent culture. Take the pledge here.


The Let’s Get Consensual task force is comprised of our leading student ambassadors who are passionate about spreading awareness of sexualized violence and consent on campus. Our team works to set the direction for the campaign by planning workshops and events, bringing in guest speakers, and working closely alongside our Capilano University Centre for Student Success partners to bring about a culture of consent across the Capilano community.

Contact our task force:


Becoming a volunteer is easier than it sounds. To be an official LGC volunteer you are required to attend and complete two Let’s Get Consensual workshops put on by the Centre for  Student Success. What’s even better is that these workshops are noted on your co-curricular record! By becoming an official volunteer, you can attend CSU and university events as a voice for the campaign, offer help and information through interactive outreach, and receive a very cool Let’s Get Consensual shirt.

Becoming a volunteer takes four steps:

  1. Check the CSU’s calendar to see when the next Let’s Get Consensual workshop is being held and sign up for your first workshop with the Centre for Student Success.
  2. Attend the first workshop
  3. Attend your second workshop and learn more in-depth theory and practices for handling cases of sexual assault.
  4. Once certified by the Centre for  Student Success, sign up through our volunteer registry — make sure you click the box that says “Let’s Get Consensual”

For more information on the Let’s Get Consensual workshops and how the university is working with us to bring about a culture of consent,  reach out to Capilano’s community wellness strategist Jody Armstrong at jodyarmstrong@capilanou.ca, or visit Capilano University’s student affairs webpage.