NORTH VANCOUVEROctober 10, 2017 – The Capilano Students’ Union (CSU) has adopted a policy committing to maintaining a living wage for all of its current and future employees as well as contract workers. The living wage in Metro Vancouver, determined annually by the Living Wage for Families Campaign, is $20.62 per hour (adjusted for non-mandatory benefits provided by the CSU to its staff).

“The CSU is proud to be on the leading edge of progressive employment practices, and declaring our commitment to a living wage is a big part of that,” says Perry Safari, CSU president. “Anyone who decides to spend their time advancing an organization’s goals deserves to be paid enough to make ends meet.”

The CSU board of directors, consisting of students elected by and from the CSU’s membership (i.e., all Capilano University students), approved the living wage policy statement at today’s meeting. The policy commits the CSU to paying its own employees a living wage combination of pay and benefits; maintaining the same standard for contracted workers; and to being a public living wage advocate.

A public discussion about the living wage standard has been brought to our campus in recent weeks by the Service Employees International Union – Local 2 (SEIU 2), organizing the contract cleaning staff (employed by Best Service Pros to provide cleaning services at Capilano University).

Many post-secondary institutions throughout the province have contracted out key operations, such as food, cleaning, and security services, based on a number of factors – including provincial funding. Nonetheless, we believe that post-secondary institutions should be social leaders and work toward ensuring that workers on campus (whether employed directly or contracted-out) are paid a living wage, and that living wage and benefits policies should guide these institutions’ decisions for both their tender and non-tender contracts.

“We support paying a living wage to all workers — and that includes contract cleaners hired by Best Service Pros to work right here at Capilano University,” says Noah Berson, CSU vice-president external. “Post-secondary staff, including contract workers, keep our post-secondary institutions running and, for maintaining the environment that builds new leaders, they deserve a living wage. The province needs to address post-secondary funding so that future bids for contract services provide for a living wage; contracting out these services doesn’t need to be a race to the bottom.”

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Perry Safari, president (spokesperson)
Capilano Students’ Union
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Capilano Students’ Union
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