The Capilano Students’ Union is closely monitoring the ongoing situation involving international students from Saudi Arabia. With news that the Saudi Arabian government is recalling their state-sponsored students enrolled in Canada, the CSU is aware of the difficulties that are faced by those students.

This is a tense situation for students who don’t know if they can complete the studies they’ve undertaken here. Our key message to our members is that we are looking into it and working with the university to ease the burden on these students.

The CSU’s elected executives have already met with the university executive to raise their concerns regarding Saudi Arabia’s announcement and plans are  in place to continue discussions to identify ways for the CSU to support our members during this challenging period of time.

Any students impacted by the ongoing political situation should call the Center for International Experience (CIE) at 604.990.7914 or email The CIE will be able to assist with academic and immigration advising as well as refer students to Capilano’s counselling services should they wish to talk to someone about this.

Anna-Elaine Rempel, president
Capilano Students’ Union

Harsha Sharma, international students liaison
Capilano Students’ Union