Sharda, Nandini

I am a first year student in North American and International Management program and I am running for the position of Vice – President Academics. I have held positions on various student committees throughout my academic career and received appreciation letter in Academics from Smriti Zubin Irani (The Former Education Minister of India). If elected as Vice President Academics, I assure to work hard and stay dedicated to this position throughout my time.

Abdirahman, Hinda

No statement submitted.

Bridge, Emily

Hello, my name is Emily Bridge; I am running for the position of vice-president equity and sustainability because I believe the key aspects of this portfolio are instrumental for a successful university experience. As students we are poised to make significant positive impacts in our communities, but many people face barriers, visible and/or invisible, towards achieving their goals. If elected, I am excited to work with our collective liaisons, and other initiatives on campus, as a team focussed on furthering existing campaigns and forging new projects that support our entire student body through their university experience and beyond.

Dupasquier, Grace

I’m running for Vice President of External Affairs because I’ve always been a passionate advocate for the needs of young people. I’ve worked with NGOs and local governments to promote causes important to students; I have the policy and advocacy experience to confidently represent Capilano’s diverse student body in external affairs. I’m hard-working, fair-minded, a strong communicator, and absolutely dedicated to making our community a better place for all of us. My talents, passion, and experience are what set me apart – I know that I’m capable of getting our needs as students heard, recognized, and acted upon.

Singh, Happy

I Happy Singh, having age of 19 years, student of your university and filing for the post of Vice President External in upcoming elections on 19th March 2019.

I want to be a part of this student union as I believe that I am sensible and capable to burden the responsibility of handling the issues related to secularism, privilege of the students of other countries and other issues like cultural equality etc. As a representative, I will make sure that your grievances and problems are not only heard but also resolved. I will be available to listen to your problems

Sidhu, Joey

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Han, Rafael

You find hard to meet new people? You come to school, study and leave? Vote for me! A vote for Rafael is a vote for fun! I vow to create more opportunities for students to meet people and to find a place they can belong. No one should feel lonely during the best years of their life

Meneghel, David

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Shooshtari, Adam

Hello everyone my name is Adam Reza Shooshtari and I am running for the position of Vice President of Student life. I listen to what people have to say and put their needs before mine. Some things I would like to address would be the congestion in the library at peak times, and the lack of interactive events Capilano offers for new students. Voting for me ensures your voice will be heard. Together we can change what it means to be part if the Student Union and transform Capilano University for the better.

Zerpa, Paula

Hola! My name is Paula Zerpa; a Mexican-Canadian with a multicultural background -I am from Venezuela, Portugal, Spain, and Japan.

Currently I’m studying Communications because I love bringing people together to create a community. I believe creating networks throughout university are the best foundation for success in future endeavors.

I would love to to focus on mental health awareness, while creating group activities with the goal of unifying the campus to create feelings of inclusion and tolerance amongst peers.

My encouragement of diversity is a great platform to create a community with high student engagement within Capilano University. Gracias!


Dixon, Marco

I am one who breaks the limits and deciphers the missing links to equal rights on a common ground for all. It’s’s about being accepted and supported in every situation. If I’m elected as the Accessibility Justice Coordinator.  I will stand up to make sure no one gets misunderstood or overpowered by the procedures of the system. I will make sure that your voices are heard in the final decision about your special requirements. I will search for greater ways to bring justice and accessibility to all.

Greyeyes, Tristin

No statement submitted.

Volpe, Michaela

I am the current queer students liaison and I absolutely love the work i get to do on the board. This coming year I am running again because I am very passionate about working with the university to implement the gender diversity audit as well as continuing to foster a safe and fun space for queer students to feel themselves in. I care so much about the queer collective and I can not wait to hopefully get to continue the work we are doing

Kidane, Feven

My goal is to give the colored voice a mic. I wish to be the diplomat for students of all backgrounds, and the fire under the ass of those who think that these four walls are perfectly equal. I am not afraid of debate, the apathy of those who believe all lives matter, or rejection. I seek to educate and advocate for the things that matter to me: unity and cultural expression.

Scarpetta-Lee, Shanti

Hi! My name is Shanti Aria Scarpetta-Lee and I am running for the position of Women Students Liaison. I am an active member of the Women’s Collective, and I am running for liaison because I am passionate about making positive changes towards equality in the lives of women. If elected, I promise to represent all self-identifying women and fight for issues we care about, as well as use the Women’s Collective to build a strong community of forward thinking women!


Abbott, Theo

Hello fellow students of Capilano University! My name is Theo Abbott and I am a first-year student currently in the Liberal Studies Bachelor program here at Capilano. Although this is my first time running for a  position here on campus, I have extensive experience working with non-profit organizations on the Down Town East Side in Vancouver. If elected as the representative for the Arts and sciences Faculty, I plan encourage inter-program collaboration, and will strive to facilitate a space where students from the Arts and Sciences Faculty can work together to enhance each other’s projects through peer on peer collaboration.  

Bains, Shaunti

I am dedicated to advocating for people in my community and if elected will represent the interests of CapU students. I co-founded the Student Worker Alliance Group to support campus workers last year and this past term, have spoken at North Shore municipal council meetings on climate change and the need for improved transit. Alongside this experience, I have two years of not-for-profit geared education through CapU’s Global Stewardship program and 80+ hours experience as an executive member on the North Shore Team of an environmental organization to put to use for the benefit of CapU students.

Ballard, Chris

Chris Ballard for Arts and Science Representative. A conscientious, hardworking individual, and an excellent listener that is willing to do whatever it takes to not only get the job done, but to excel. If elected, I will go the extra mile to ensure that student voices are heard on the board of directors and that any concerns are addressed because in the end, it’s about being a champion for the people, by the people.

Rzeplinski, Alea

Hello, Arts and Sciences students! My name is Alea Rzeplinski. I’m running for re-election for the position of Arts and Science faculty representative!

If I am re-elected, I promise to continue advocating for students. Throughout my last year with the CSU, I have been involved in representing the arts and sciences students by being a part of various committees, events, and working groups. Overall, I will try my best to continue working alongside my fellow students from an intersectional approach to ensure any concern or suggestion is brought forth in an efficient and appropriate manner.

Lamb, Courtney

No statement submitted.

Lundin, Claire

No statement submitted.

Maurice, Rebekah

Rebekah is a third-year student, in the IDEA design program, who is best known for her colourful style and personality. She has been involved on campus as a Peer Mentor and an International Exchange Ambassador. While pursuing her previous degree, in English, she was a member of the student union there, for 2 years. Her goal in life is to spread light and encouragement to others through her art and friendship. Rebekah is looking to foster greater connection between the creative departments and within the rest of the student body. If you are looking for creative collaboration. Vote Rebekah!

Morten, Trevor

My name is Trevor Morten. I am a first year Acting for Stage and Screen student. I’m running to represent the fine and applied arts students here at Capilano. I have experience as an actor, a musician, a graphic designer, as well as technical roles in both film and theatre. I am passionate for the arts and for art education, and I would love to provide a voice to the fine and applied arts students at the CSU.

Cardin, Chantelle

My name is Chantelle Cardin. I am running for the position of Global & Community Studies Representative. I am enrolled in the Bachelors of Tourism Management Degree. If elected as a representative I will remain fair and respectful of all student matters and will ensure everyone has a voice. While in this role, I would like to review student policies and hold public forums for students to express any concerns they may have. My experience volunteering with the CSU and working for CapU Works will help me incorporate sustainable practices on campus and manage events for students.


Donnelly, Elle

As the current President for the BSCU, I am hoping to continue in my role into the 2019 /2020 academic year and serve all you amazing Business and Professional Studies students. As President of your Business Society, I am striving to bring more connectedness to campus by organizing social events, workshops and networking opportunities as well as ensure the interests of business and professional studies students are being represented at Cap U. Feel free to come say hi and ask my anything that’s on your mind!

No candidates

Say, Chloe

No statement submitted.

Turner-Davis, Emily

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