Emily Bridge

I am so excited to be running for the CSU board again, this time for the first directly-elected President position. It’s been an incredible year representing CapU students to the university administration, all levels of government, and the greater community as your VP Equity & Sustainability and President. If elected, I will continue my work raising the voices of all CapU students through ongoing relationship-building, supporting the incredible team on the CSU board, and by listening to and elevating the perspectives of those that still face barriers at this institution. As CapU grows, so should the impact of the student voice.

Jaspreet Kaur

Hello, I am Jaspreet Kaur running for the position of Vice President Equity and Sustainability. I believe that every student should have an amazing university experience and an equal opportunity to create positive influence on our community. We are responsible toward our environment for adequately utilizing the resources available to us. If elected, I would love to collaborate with collective liaisons and my fellow representatives to work towards organizing campaigns that have better reach than before and improving existing social practices to create a better and peaceful world.

Hritik Vij (disqualified)

No statement submitted.

Shanti Scarpetta-Lee

I’m a hard-working, capable and passionate second-year science student who has been fighting for both equity and sustainability all year as the CSU’s Women Students Liaison, and as a member of the CSU Campaigns and Advocacy Committee. Now, I want to take my work one step further as a VP, and continue to drive positive change on our campus! If elected, I’ll work towards increasing mental health supports, developing an effective consent campaign, and achieving climate justice. This is work I’m excited about and committed to – I can’t wait to help create a better world for all students!

Grace Dupasquier

The VP External is responsible for representing the needs of all students to government officials. They must be well-versed in student issues and have a strong knowledge of governmental structures, policy, and effective advocacy. As a confident student advocate with years of experience working with all levels of government, I have an excellent understanding of how to navigate relationships with government officials, and how to design advocacy that gets results. Capilano students deserve a VP External who will fight for their rights and work tirelessly to make sure their voices are heard, and I know I’m up to the challenge!

Sandeep Singh (disqualified)

I am a very approachable and empathetic fellow which in addition to my good communication skills would enable me to connect with people better and represent their issues in an understanding way. The reason I want to be a part of the CSU board of directors committee is to increase the number of people aware of all the services and facilities provided by CSU which needs more improvement because no matter how many services are available, it is of no good use if someone doesn’t know them. I want to be the voice in which all students would place faith.

Gurleen Kaur

Hi, I’m Gurleen Kaur, Business student planning to major in finance. I have been involved with CSU previously, serving as Business Faculty Representative. I understand, it’s hard for most of the students to work and study together and earn money, its valuable resource. My main agenda will be to work with CSU to create financial support for students like scholarships, grants and more events. I will work hard to maintain all the financial records clear and provide services in the best interest of the students. Share your ideas with me at gurleen2868@gmail.com and VOTE for a positive change.

Hassan Merali (withdrawn)

Bridget Stringer-Holden

Hey, I’m Bridget, a Communications student with a passion for article writing. With my prior experience as a Senate Representative on the CSU Board of Directors, I believe that the VP Finance & Services is a natural next step to take. For the past two years, I’ve also served on the Board of a French non-profit organization, where I sat on the Finance Committee, organized events, re-worked policies and developed their strategic plan. I’ve advocated provincially and nationally for both domestic and international students and want to continue doing so, as well as increasing transparency and awareness about CSU services.

Arshia Amini

I would like to be nominated in becoming a vice-president for student affairs because I am interested in promoting student engagement through developing and overseeing programs and events such as wellness needs and in cooperating with campus and faculty representatives. I want to become a good candidate by being a great addition to the team and having the ability consistently with my colleagues. My goals in being the vice-president are to have a positive attitude, good teamwork and good communication skills. A key issue that I would like to address is how we can help build strong relationships with students.

Marco Dixon

Life is an unpredictable journey. It is up to you to determine what you accomplish all that keeps your heart beating aligned with the fabric mind of success that you ignite through life. There are many who follow and want to erupt who want to join our party and celebrate our achievements. Roll with me and I’ll deliver the lost functions that I never met Capilano University. There are many who what to capture it all tag with me and I’ll give you the party you never forget. Windows of opportunity are ready to unlock are you ready?

Amrinder Singh Ranu (disqualified)

No statement submitted.

Alea Rzeplinski

Hello, CapU!! My name is Alea Rzeplinski. I am running for the position of vice-president student affairs because I am passionate about advocating for the academic success and well-being of each student. Additionally, I want to further add to the sense of community that has been growing on campus through events, programs, and by breaking down the silos that exist between the various faculties on campus. Throughout my last two years serving the CSU, I have helped put on countless events and tirelessly advocated for the needs of students by sitting on working groups, committees, and the University’s senate.

Hartaj Wadhwa

CAPU is 50 years young but does the University listen to you? I Hartaj Wadhwa standing for VP Student Affairs would focus on 2 significant issues which are concerning many students. 1) Improving Food services which means going against Chartwells and their super high prices and average food quality. 2) We as University host 10,000 students but don’t even have a Proper Lounge where a student can take a Short Nap even if we do they are densely populated and is short on furniture. With the support of all students, we can surely change the faith of the University.


Abhijeet (Abhi) Deswal

I am honored to run for position of International Students Liaison to the Capilano Student Union. I am a second-year international student in Arts and Sciences. Being an international graduate, I understand the challenges faced by the students. I participated in many discussions and meetings in union and facilitated a more efficient and accessible process around getting international students involved in university culture. I love being in a role in which I can help other students to explore their interests. Having classmates and many friends in university provides me a unique opportunity to serve as an advocate and liaison.

Andrej Stanojlovic

As an international student representative, I would make sure that every decision made by the CSU is in the best interest of the international students. I will fight to improve our experiences and services at Capilano, and I will make sure that our tuitions go to our needs and benefits.

Mayumi Izumi

No statement submitted.

Feven Kidane

I, Feven Kidane, am running for re-election as the Students of Color Liaison. I have learned invaluable skills this past year in my position, such as throwing unifying events to engage with students, maintaining relationships with faculty, and taking student concerns to higher-ups. I pledge to ignite a fire within marginalized students of color to bring them together as one collective and find them a space to be themselves free of any code-switching. My year of experience that I have already will ensure the efficiency of my goals for the 2020-2021 school year.

Maia Lomelino

From the first time I heard the phrase “this is not for girls,” I knew I did not accept how society treats women. It took me a long time to understand that I am a feminist and that this is not a bad word. In 2019 I helped organize the first LGBTQ+ and Women friendly site of the Global Game Jam in São Paulo, Brazil. As Women Students Liaison, my goal is to help my sisters and create more opportunities for women to get together and discuss what we need and the changes we can make at Capilano University.


Theodore Abbott

No statement submitted.

Gurkirat (Kirat) Singh

No statement submitted.

Erik Wendland

Hello I’m Erik Wendland, I’m in Liberal Arts. I’m running for Arts and Sciences faculty Representative. I run because I am convinced that I can bring a diverse voice to represent this faculty, with a prior background. My experience is that I served as Prime Minister for Howe Sound Secondary, that experience included chairing committees and pushing policy forward, and organizing events. In this election, I want to run on three subjects: accountability, sustainability, and accessibility. My main concern is to listen to the student body to best represent you the constituents, to what concerns you. Thank you

Neerarshdeep Kaur

No statement submitted.

Wen Zhai

Hi there! This is Wen Zhai from the Early Childhood Care and Education Program and I am running for the Education, Health and Human Development Representative. I would like to serve as a communicative link between you and the CSU and be the voice whenever it is needed. I care deeply about education, equity, and sustainability, and like to ask “WHY” of lots of things. I would love to have your support! Thank you!

Brigid Mychael

Brigid Mychael is an ABE student at Capilano’s Kálax-ay Campus. Brigid has two main goals as Campus Rep for the 2020/2021 school year: Fostering community and to improve the environmental footprint of Kálax-ay Campus. Her main priority as Campus Rep since being elected has been listening to the needs of the Kálax-ay student body with the goal of improving their educational experienced; if elected again, she can continue working to do so. With a background in administrative assistance and NPOs, Brigid has the experience and care to get your voice heard as your Student Union Representative.

Trevor Morten

No statement submitted.


Rishav Aujla

No statement submitted.

Jimena Camarena

No statement submitted.

Luis Rodriguez

No statement submitted.

Terrence Alanis

An important lesson that my marketing professor has taught me is that the vital essence of marketing involves establishing and maintaining healthy relationships with others; that they’re more than just clients. If elected president of CAPUMA, I hope to build upon these connections with the CSU, The CPBS and the other associations, my CAPUMA peers, and the rest of the Capilano University students, with the intention of spreading growth and knowledge of the marketing industry. I’m confident that my progressive attitude and my passion for marketing are an ideal fit for CAPUMA presidency.

Abraham Jauli

I am honored to have been nominated for president of the International Business Association. I thank my peers that have nominated me. I believe the current team that runs the IBA is amazing, and it would be a privilege to be apart of it so we can improve future events. I am a person that works very hard and never gives up. I strive to do the best at whatever my name is attached to. I appreciate this opportunity and I will do my very best to not let you down. Thank you, Abraham Jauli

Marian Chadegani

Many reasons have shaped my decision to pursue a career in law, the most important being helping people. So as the president of Capilano legal Association, my ultimate goal is to help my fellow students to pursue their dreams to the best of my ability. Whether your plan is to enter the work force right after graduating or pursue law school, my plan is to organize variety of events such as meet and greet with law firms, pro bono work opportunities, LSAT prep, court visit, and also just simple events where students hang out and get to know one another!