Dilpreet Singh Bhatia 

I am Dilpreet Singh Bhatia doing Post Bacc Diploma in Tourism my passion is to help others whether I am in position or not. My main agenda regarding this position is to overcome the problems of international students in concern of jobs,study, communication barriers. I am promising to you after getting this position I will work on your expectation from me. Apart from that, I want to execute a program under which all the willing students can donate some money so that in case of any emergency by showing strong evidence students can use it. My success is our success.

Maia Lomelino

As International Student Liaison, my main goal is to work for my fellow International Students so that together we can have the best University experience ever! I want to listen to both international and domestic students, and truly understand what I can do make our relationship better. University is hard; being an International Student is even harder, but together we can make a difference! Let me listen to YOU, so together WE can be heard.

Hartaj Wadhwa

Being an International and transfer student I can bring experience and exposure to the council. My main agenda is to bring better food services to campus. My second agenda is to bring more events that relate to international students. I strongly believe business incubator must be opened as this helps to create entrepreneurs. I want to make the voices of international students be heard and valued at all levels of the university. We need to make the Campus life more lively is all areas. Standing Up For What’s Right.

Mayumi Izumi

I am the Mature Student & Parent Students Representative Candidate because I want to be the voice that represents us in the CSU. Building community is important to me: I will create events that bridge the gap between all Students and the CSU.  I will ensure all our voices are heard and represent not only Mature Students but all Capilano University Students. I would like to ensure transparency of where and how our money is spent. My goal is to have a unified community of Capilano University Students.


Gurleen Kaur

Hello friends, I am Gurleen Kaur, contesting elections for business and professional study faculty representative. I’m thankful to Capilano University for nominating me for this opportunity. I’m always  willing to help/support others. Feel free to discuss which changes you need in the university for better experience and help you for more workshops and events for best future. I want to see capilano university on top ranking positions in Canada. At last “we the youngsters are the power of this nation and we can make it better for successful future” PLEASE VOTE AND  FEEL FREE TO SHARE IDEAS AT gurleen3@my.capilanou.ca.

Sadra Khani 

Candidate did not submit a statement.

Tarek Salah

Candidate did not submit a statement.

Alexandra Stringer-Holden

As a first year at Capilano University I believe that I’m the ideal candidate for the Business and Professional Studies Representative. I’m a very self motivated team player and I’ll always take initiative whenever the opportunity arises. I’m ready to hear what you guys have to say and represent your voice to the best of my abilities to better your university experience! I’m running for the CSU board of directors because ever since high school I’ve always been involved with benefiting the student community and my goals of bringing you the best have been consistent throughout my educational career.

Brigid Mychael

Brigid Mychael is an ABE student at Capilano’s Kálax-ay Campus. Brigid has three main goals as Campus Rep: Addressing Truth and Reconciliation in the classroom by holding an Indigenous lead Student / Shishálh Nation community inquiry, to improve the environmental footprint of Kálax-ay Campus and to increase enrolment at the Kálax-ay Campus. Brigid is studying to become a grant-writer for non-profit organizations, so she can make an impact both on-campus and beyond. With a background in administrative assistance and NPOs, Brigid has the experience and care to get your voice heard as your Student Union Representative.


Mayur Aggarwal

Candidate did not submit a statement.

James Bodner

With more than two successful years of growth leading the CFA as President, experience is good, however, continuity is better. I am here to bring an ethical, sustainable and inclusive platform of financial literacy to our university. With your vote and confidence, we can continue executing leadership in motion, ensuring a better tomorrow.

Carley England

As your first Capilano Communication Association President, I want to play an active role in kick starting this new association so current and future Communication students can have activities, events and networks to reach out too to provide a positive experience, not only at Capilano, but also in their future careers.

Susanna Nguyen

Candidate did not submit a statement.

Nick Tarasoff

Candidate did not submit a statement.

Mariah Crudo

Mariah has a sincere passion for the legal field and hopes to make a profound impact on the legal community – both within Capilano and beyond. As an advocate for accessible/ affordable legal services and the mental health initiative, Mariah hopes to continue to promote these values through the Capilano Legal Association; and, provide students with a platform to become engaged with these matters. Finally, Mariah hopes to continue to encourage all students to inquire into the field of law – regardless of their current field of study – and promote an unpretentious environment to facilitate student interest.