Frequently Asked Questions

A by-election may be called when there are vacant positions on the CSU board of directors or the Capilano Business & Professional Society. By-elections are the mechanism by which positions on these two governing bodies are filled. 

The nomination period continues until 5:00pm on September 25 and voting will take place October 8 to 10. 

Prospective candidates are encouraged to read the candidate handbook in full and then complete a nomination package including 25 students’ signatures indicating support for your nomination (or five endorsements for those running for Sunshine Coast campus representative). Completed nomination packages must be submitted in person to the CSU Members Centre or by email to before the end of the nomination period at 5:00pm on September 25. Late submissions will not be accepted.

What positions are available?

  • international students liaison
  • mature & parent students liaison
  • business & professional studies faculty representative (x2) 
  • education, health, & human development faculty representative
  • global & community studies representative (x2) 
  • Sunshine Coast campus representative 
  • Capilano Business & Professional Society vice-president
  • Capilano Accounting Association president
  • Capilano Communications Association president
  • Capilano Finance Association president
  • Capilano Human Resources Management Association president
  • Capilano International Business Association president
  • Capilano Legal Association president 
  • Capilano University Marketing Association president

Job descriptions can be found here.

Are the positions paid?

Yes! CBPS positions are paid between $200 while positions on the CSU board of directors are paid $300 per month.

Voting takes place online from 9:00am on October 8 to 5:00pm on October 10. 

The elected term starts after the chief returning officer’s report (usually in October some time) until May 31, 2020.