APRIL 14, 2015 — As many of you are aware, the last few weeks have been incredibly stressful and hard on students’ lives and studies. We’ve heard all of your concerns and have spoken with the university and faculty on how to reschedule or defer exams and assignments. Here are some ways that students experiencing undue stress and hardship can get extensions on exams and/or projects.

  • If you are feeling stress or anxiety, book a meeting with the counselling office as soon as possible so that they can address your stress/anxiety and can help guide you through it. Remember that mental and physical wellbeing always comes first.
  • Email your instructors explaining your stress, conflicts, or barriers to success arising from the last few weeks and ask them for reasonable extensions on assignments.
  • Email registrarassistant@capilanou.ca so that the registrar’s office at the university is aware of your situation and can document you reaching out to faculty and attempt to find another exam time that fits.
  • Email Peter Hedley, the manager of student affairs, at studentaffairs@capilanou.ca to discuss grade appeals and other ways to navigate your situation.
    Remember to stay healthy everyone! Let us know what else we can do to help.