The Capilano Students’ Union (CSU) is the student society of Capilano University that represents students at campuses in North Vancouver and at kálax-ay, the Sunshine Coast campus. The CSU provides services such the U-Pass, health and dental plan, clubs, and a variety of events throughout each year. The CSU advocates for students’ interests to they ensure that their needs are being presented for consideration by the university administration and the government at all levels.

  • mature & parent students liaison
  • international students liaison
  • attend and fully participate meetings of the board of directors every second Friday afternoon
  • sit on a minimum of one standing committee and fully participate
  • chair and coordinate the meetings and activities of your respective collective
  • be responsible for informing board of directors of issues concerning collective members
  • provide a written report to the board of directors at least once per month
  • coordinate campaigns and events, which promote the equality and the elimination of oppression of collective members
  • self-motivation
  • initiative
  • critical thinking
  • ability to work as an individual or in group settings
  • positive and upbeat attitude
  • ability to  to provide and accept constructive criticism
  • passion about their respective collectives