Capilano Faculty Association responds to request for optional exams

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Capilano Faculty Association responds to request for optional exams

APRIL 15, 2015 — The Capilano Faculty Association has come out in opposition to the concept of optional exams, citing concerns surrounding academic integrity. The idea came up after an online petition requesting that exams for the spring 2015 semester be optional gained over 1,700 signatures. 

“Our courses are developed through an exacting process and scrutinized for suitable transferability,” the CFA stated in an update to the frequently asked questions document on their website. “We do not condone any notion of ‘optional’ exams, as we believe it could undermine both the value of our courses, and their transferability, currently identified through the province-wide BCCAT system.”

In an update to their own strike update page, the university has encouraged students to contact their instructor directly with any questions about their final exams and assignments.

“The decision to make final exams optional or mandatory is at the discretion of your instructor,” reads the update on the Capilano University faculty strike update page. “While the university sets the exam schedule, faculty is responsible for administering the exams and making decisions regarding the format, content and grade weight.”

The university has released a document detailing academic appeals process, which is available for download here. The academic grade appeal process is managed through the office of student affairs. For more information, contact

The Capilano Students’ Union encourages students with scheduling questions to contact the registrar’s office by email at or by phoning or 604.984.4900. Students may also contact their instructors to ask about alternate arrangements.

The CSU also encourages students to reach out to counselling services if they are experiences heightened feelings of stress and anxiety, keeping in mind that mental and physical wellbeing is of paramount importance.