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The Capilano Students’ Union takes your privacy seriously. When you become a CSU member, the CSU receives your name, student number, and your Capilano University e-mail address. The CSU collects other personal information when you voluntarily provide it (such as through a web survey, or registering to use a service). Any personal information that you provide to us is managed in accordance with the B.C. Personal Information Protection Act where appropriate.

Information provided by Capilano University

Pursuant to the B.C. Society Act, the CSU must keep a registry of its members. Capilano University provides the CSU with your name and student number. We use your name and student number to conduct elections, referenda, and general meetings. Capilano University also provides the CSU with access to its student e-mail distribution list, so that the CSU may send periodic announcements, advisories, and newsletters to you.

Information for campaigns and advocacy

The CSU collects personal information to carry out campaigns and advocacy work. For example, the CSU may collect your name, student number, signature, and e-mail address on petitions to lobby various levels of government on issues related to the rights and interests of CSU members. We will tell you in advance, on the form collecting the information, the ways in which that personal information may be used.

Information to administer services to members

The CSU collects personal information to operate services that we provide to you, to improve your experience during your time at Capilano University. Personal information that you provide to us in signing up for CSU services is used only to provide that service to you, and is not stored or shared to be used for any other purpose.


When you create a club, we collect the name, e-mail address, and student number for each student (or employee number for each University employee) to maintain club membership. We update this information every semester. We only use this information to administer our clubs procedures, and to communicate with clubs’ contacts.

CSU Health and Dental Plan

When you are enrolled in the CSU extended health and dental benefits plan, the CSU provides your name, residential address, e-mail address, and student number (as supplied by Capilano University) to to communicate information about the student health plan to you, such as how to opt-out of the plan.

If you stay covered under the student health plan, the CSU sends your name, student number, date of birth, and gender (as supplied by Capilano University) to to ensure effective claims administration. All of this information is secured by per their privacy policy.

Mt. Seymour passes

When you purchase a Mt. Seymour pass, the CSU sends your name, date of birth, address, telephone number, and email address to Mt. Seymour, to produce and administer the pass. All of this information is secured by Mt. Seymour per their privacy policy.

Print shop service

When you register at the Services Desk to use our print shop service, we collect your name, the e-mail address that you want to use to send materials to the print shop, and your student number. We only use this information to administer our print shop services, and to allow you to send print shop jobs from any of your compatible devices.

Locker rental service

When you rent a locker at the Services Desk, we collect your name, e-mail address, and telephone number. We use this information to administer our locker rental service, including contact you in the event that there are any issues with your locker rental.

Used book consignment and sale service

When you sign up to consign your textbooks at the Services Desk, we collect your name, student number, e-mail address, and telephone number to administer the service. In the event that we agree to mail you a consignment cheque due to extenuating circumstances, we will collect your residential address for this purpose.

Quest Food Exchange

When you sign up for the Quest Food Exchange program, we collect your name, and the store location to which you have been referred. Once your personal information has been faxed to Quest, the form is returned to you. The CSU does not keep any information related to your membership with Quest Food Exchange. Once information has been sent to Quest, it is subject to the Quest privacy policy (click here to view).

Information collected through our website

Information collected automatically

As do most websites, the CSU website gathers and stores basic information about visitors to the website. Such data includes Internet Protocol addresses, Internet service providers, browser types, page referrals and exits, operating systems, monitor sizes, and clickstream data. This information does not personally identify individual users.

This information is used by CSU employees and board members to learn more about the number of visitors to the website, patterns of page browsing, and the types of technology that our visitors use, so that we can make your experience on our website better, and more responsive to the needs of CSU members.


As do most websites, the CSU uses “cookies” to help pre-populate forms and to help track your use of our website. A cookie is a piece of text sent to your device when you browse a website, and is retrieved whenever you visit that website again. You can disable cookies in the settings or options menu of your web browser.

Information collected on e-mails and web forms

Any personal information that you provide to us – by e-mail, web forms, or through other means on the website – is used in accordance with the CSU privacy policy. The CSU does not collect personal information for commercial marketing or for distribution to commercial marketers or private organizations. We may share personal information with partner organizations when we need to (such as with Capilano University), but we will tell you in advance on the form collecting the information.

Links to third-party websites

We provide links to a number of sites outside of as a convenience to you; that does not mean that we endorse or are responsible for the content, use, or privacy management practices of those external websites.

Trans-border information movement

Please be advised that the CSU uses e-mail systems with servers in the United States of America and, as such, personal information that you send us may be transferred through or stored on servers that are subject to U.S. privacy rules.