Smoking Cessation – Butt Out in 2019

As Capilano University continues its dedication to wellbeing, we wanted to specifically assist members of the Capilano community in taking the steps to quit smoking. The health benefits of quitting smoking start moment you quit — you’ll notice the immediate health changes (both physiological and psychological) that being smoke-free can have on you and those around you. Quitting isn’t easy but you are not alone. 

Below you will find resources that are available to you as members of the Capilano community or as a resident of British Columbia to aid you to quit smoking.

BC Smoking Cessation Program

The Government of British Columbia has created this program to cover costs of products that make it easier to quit smoking. Such products covered are nicotine replacement therapy products and smoking cessation prescriptions drugs. For additional information on how to get started please click here. You can also view frequently asked questions by clicking here.


QuitNow is a free customized program offered by the Government of BC delivered by the BC Lung Association. This program provides free one-on-one advice and guidance to help you to quit smoking and stay smoke-free. When you join QuitNow you will have access to a Quit Coach, online resources, an online community to help you stay on track.  

To learn more about this program please click here.

CSU Health & Dental Plan

Students enrolled in the CSU health & dental plan may access the psychology and naturopathic coverage for support, or claim medication that is on the BC Pharmacare Formulary. Full details can be found here.