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Save money from hundreds of merchants with the CSU student discount program provided by Endless Savings & More! The program offers hundreds of savings on restaurant meals, entertainment, travel, clothing, automotive, consumer goods and more.

  • Students download a CSU icon to their smart phone to view hundreds of available savings.
  • GPS automatically shows merchants and savings that are close to your location.
  • Redeem savings in store by showing the offer on your smart phone and giving a code to the merchant.
  • While saving on purchases, students can also generate donations for the CSU.
  • At any time, click on the CSU icon on your smart phone to view merchant offers.
  • At the top of the screen, you have options to view offers by “category” or “closest” to you.
  • Tap on any merchant to view actual offers & tap on any offer for redemption details.
  • Some merchants offer an additional charity donation. You can view accumulated donation amounts throughout the year in the “info” section at the bottom of the screen.
  • For physical locations, you show the offer on your smart phone at payment and tap a “redeem” button that generates a three-digit confirmation code you give to the merchant.
  • Some offers are limited to a certain number per day. You can “take” a limited offer to guarantee redemption for up to 12 hours.
  • ESM also offers a selection of online offers. Typically, the offer links to the merchant’s website and you enter a code at check out to redeem.
  • Tap the “info” button at the bottom of the screen for additional details.
  • Save hundreds per year when you take advantage of just a few of the hundreds of discount offers available to CSU Students. For details, click here.


  • You must have a mobile device or smart phone that has GPS and can access the Internet.
  • For details, view the CSU Welcome Letter at: www.esmobileapp.com/files/WelcomeCSU.pdf
  • To get the CSU version of the ESM App to start saving, go to: www.ESMobileApp.com and use the “Organization Code”: csu

Find more discounts and free services that are provided by the CSU on our discounts page.


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