The Capilano Students’ Union produces a handbook and day planner every year for all students at Capilano University. These handbooks are FREE and can be picked up (while supplies last) at the CSU’s Members Centre or in the Maple Lounge. If you have any ideas for next year’s handbook, email!

The CSU handbook & day planner works as a great tool for students. In the book, find information about the CSU and our structure, committees, clubs, and the CSU services. The handbook also has important information from the university including financial aid details, conflict resolution advisor, and the university’s services. The day planner section of the book allows for students to record their homework, meetings, events, etc. and other organizational tools including month-at-a-glance, timetable schedules, contacts/notes pages, etc.


  • add/drop dates for classes
  • campus map
  • events
  • CSU election dates
  • class schedules by semester
  • calendars
  • campus directory
  • CSU services guide
  • university closures and holidays