booksalewebThe Capilano Students’ Union (CSU) holds a used textbook sale at the beginning of each semester. The program offers a way for students to make the most money for their old textbooks, while purchasing used textbooks cheaper than through other on campus options.

The CSU sells the used textbooks for 70% of the bookstore’s listed new book price. That’s 30% off compared to buying the book new. For consignors, the CSU gives them 85% of what the book is sold for. The best part of the CSU’s used book sale is that students are buying books from other students. Last year more than $100,000 was paid out to students for their used books!

You can track the status of your consigned books through our online account look-up. Click on the link below to view your account information. This feature is live during the consignment and sale periods.

Used Book Consignment Account Look-Up
consignor account number = student number

Spring 2019

  • Dec 9: first day to consign books
  • Jan 3: first day to purchase books
  • Jan 11: last day to consign books
  • Jan 14: last day for book returns
  • Jan 25: last day to purchase books
  • Feb 04: all consignment cheques and unsold books from used book sale ready to be picked up
  • Mar 1: last day to pick up cheques and unsold books from used book sale

Summer 2019

  • April 17 : first day to consign books
  • May 2: first day to purchase books
  • May 8: last day to consign books
  • May 13: last day for book returns
  • May 17: last day to purchase books
  • May 27: all consignment cheques and unsold books from used book sale ready to be picked up
  • June 20: last day to pick up cheques and unsold books from used book sale

The book list contains a list of all of the books being used for classes at the North Vancouver campus in the spring 2019 semester. The list does not mean that the books will be in inventory and available to purchase. If a book is brand new, it will be on the list but the CSU will not receive any copies consigned by students as that book edition has not been used before, so there are no used copies in circulation.

Spring 2019 book list

Follow these tips & tricks to get the most of the used book sale:

  • We only buy and sell books that are assigned for courses in the current semester – refer to the university bookstore website for your complete course book requirements.
  • Books which are new editions are unlikely to be found “used”.
    • Please don’t assume that if the title is on the list, it will be available at the sale. The list indicates books that we will accept on consignment.
  • We do our best to list the correct books for courses. Mistakes do happen, though! Check your books against your course list as soon as your class begins.
  • We accept books on consignment only.
    • This means that you receive money after the book sale but only if your books sell.
    • You receive 60% of the new bookstore price if your book is sold.
    • Payment is only by cheque.
  • WHETHER OR NOT YOUR BOOKS ARE SOLD, you must return to the students’ union to retrieve your cheque and/or books between the dates specified on your consignment form. Any unsold books not picked up by the end of the pick-up period will not be returned.
  • We sell books at 70% of the bookstore price, regardless of condition.
    • While we do accept highlighted and “wounded” texts, it is to your advantage to keep your books in good condition if you hope to sell them at a later date.
    • We do not buy or sell photocopied notes as well as most lab manuals.
  • Books purchased at the CSU may be returned for a full refund for a limited time.
    • A receipt must accompany all returns.
  • Remember, we sell books in the order they are consigned so bring your books in as early as possible during the consignment period to avoid disappointment. First in, first out.
Do you have any old and unwanted textbooks? Donate them to the CSU! Just drop them off in our collection bins during the book consignment period, or at the CSU desk during the school year.

The CSU has partnered up with Better World Books for a number of years now, keeping books out of the landfill and repurposed. To date, Better World Books has “raised millions of dollars for literacy, saved millions of books from landfills, created jobs for hundreds of people, and provided wonderful books to millions of readers worldwide”. The CSU selected for all proceeds from our book donations to go towards one of the selected literacy programs in Africa called Invisible Children.

amount paid out to consignor
cost of CSU’s used books compared to new book price
I saved almost a hundred dollars by buying used books through the CSU’s used book sale program!
John, Global Stewardship
Last year I saved money by buying my books used. This year, I was able to sell my old text books and earn money!
Sarah, Business Adminstration