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Volunteering is a challenging, yet rewarding experience to help develop leadership skills, and the CSU values it’s members’ participation and community-building through volunteerism. The CSU’s volunteer program provides both short-term and long-term volunteer opportunities on campus and in the community, to meet a variety of people’s needs.

Register as a volunteer

CSU volunteers must be current students at Capilano University. To sign up, fill out the online volunteer application below. In order to ensure an adequate level of CSU volunteer activity, CSU volunteers must be available to contribute at least four (4) hours per month towards eligible volunteer activities.

Fill out the following form to sign up as a volunteer:

Volunteer resource centre

For current volunteers, fill out the hour tracking form below after each volunteer shift:

Download the volunteer handbook to help you know your policies and procedures when volunteering with the CSU.

Why volunteer?

  • Builds new skills or develop existing ones
  • Increases social awareness
  • Makes you discover a new interest or hobby
  • Gets you actively involved in the campus life
  • Enriches members’ lives by giving back to the community
  • Boosts your resume and gain job references
  • Makes you do something about a cause you care about
  • Tests out a career path and helps you explore an industry of interest
  • Develops better communication skills
  • Is something different to do with your friends
  • Makes you gain confidence
  • Helps find out what you do and don’t like to do
  • Is a great opportunity to meet new people, have fun, and feel happier!
  • Basic leadership skills
  • FREE CSU t-shirt on first volunteer shift
  • FREE “CSU Volunteer” button

For those who perform a higher threshold of volunteer hours (at least fifteen hours per semester), additional benefits are available, including:

  • 5% discount on personal purchases at the following CSU used book sale
  • FREE access to 1 (one) CSU event per semester
  • FREE CSU mason jar mug
  • FREE job-related workshops and courses specific to volunteer experience (e.g. Serving it Right, First Aid level 1)
  • Volunteers who have contributed at least fifteen hours in a full semester, they can request that a custom reference letter be prepared.

Program details

  1. strengthen engagement with the membership
  2. provide leadership development opportunities for CSU members
  3. promote and celebrate volunteering and community service
  4. advance the strategic objectives of the students’ society
  5. connect students with the campus community
  6. support of the CSU board members in membership engagement


Starting April 1, 2016, the CSU is launching it’s Volunteer Registry program. The first phase of the program will include recruiting and training volunteers.

Areas to review include:

  • Different volunteer roles
  • Identifying shift supervisors
  • Scheduling
  • General responsibilities
  • Health and safety


Starting the Fall 2016 semester, CSU will be providing volunteer opportunities, tracking the hours worked and rewarding the students that volunteer their time.

Volunteer opportunities
Once registered and trained, different opportunities will be reviewed with the volunteer to see what best suits their needs and preferences.
Workshops will be provided throughout the semester to improve the skills of our volunteers. If you have any suggestions for workshops, please let us know!

Volunteer hours tracking
Each volunteer will be required to fill out the necessary tracking forms to show they have completed their volunteer hours.
At the end of each semester, the hours worked will be calculated and the benefits will be distributed.
Recognition will be given to volunteers who dedicated the most time.


Starting in 2017, this will be the volunteer registry “primo package” where we will be using a volunteer database management system to better track and serve your needs.

Questions? Contact us

If you are having trouble registering, training, scheduling, or applying for volunteer opportunities, please contact the Services Coordinator for further assistance.  The CSU is here to support you through the application and volunteer process 100% of the way, and we want to ensure you are satisfied through every step of the program.