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Volunteering is a challenging and rewarding experience to develop leadership skills, build up a resume, as well as build and be a part of the community. The CSU values it’s members’ participation and community-building. The student’s union currently offers the opportunity for students to take part in short-term (events) and long-term volunteer opportunities (ongoing placements and peer tutoring). The CSU aims to find a capacity for everyone who wants to volunteer to be able to whether it is on campus, in the city, or beyond.

All registered CSU volunteers receive a free CSU t-shirt and volunteer button on their first volunteer shift.

Those who perform a higher threshold of volunteer hours (15+ hours per semester) get some extra goodies including:

  • 5% discount on personal purchases at the next scheduled CSU used book sale
  • Access to one CSU event per semester
  • CSU-branded  mason jar mug
  • Job-related workshops and courses specific to volunteer experience (e.g. Serving it Right, First Aid level 1).
  • Volunteers who have contributed at least fifteen hours in a semester can request a custom reference letter


The CSU’s volunteer registry program seeks to:

  • strengthen engagement with the membership of the Capilano Students’ Union
  • provide leadership development opportunities for CSU members
  • promote and celebrate volunteering and community service
  • advance the strategic objectives of the student union
  • connect students with the campus community
  • support of the CSU board members in membership engagement