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For students who have signed up through the volunteer registry, please select any of the following volunteer opportunities:


Listed below are CSU-focused volunteer opportunities:


Listed below are opportunities for other campus groups or outside organizations:


Questions to help identify self-directed volunteer opportunities:

  • Do you have volunteer work that you are currently doing and you want to be rewarded for it?
  • Do you have unique skills that you would be willing to offer up through volunteering?
  • Do you volunteer in the community?


  • Interested in showing up to events, assisting in setup and tear down, taking direction and being part of a team
  • Average time commitment: 4-6 hours a month, as needed.  May be more events in September during welcome back, for example, and none in December.
  • Standard letter of reference, citing number of hours worked and events staffed, volunteer T-shirt, option of Serving It Right training after 12 hours worked
  • Interested in apply existing skills to aid and assist the organization, and working independently to deliver a product or goal
  • Custom job description based on organization’s requirements and student’s skills/interests
  • Average time commitment varies, depending on complexity of project and timeline.  Starting estimate 10 hours per project
  • Custom letter of reference and option of phone reference, specific job title and description for resume, use of material for portfolio, CSU mason jar mug, 5% discount on personal purchases at CSU Used Book Sale, free admission to one CSU event
  • Interested in working behind the scenes, planning, and directing other volunteers on event day
  • Average time commitment varies, depending on the complexity of project and timeline.  Starting estimate 10 hours preparation + event day

After a required number of volunteer hours (2-3 volunteer positions), a student can become a Volunteer Ambassador!
Duties can include, supervising other volunteers, training new volunteers in the ways of the CSU volunteers and any of the given programs.
Perks? More student leadership roles? Better references for students who took on these roles?

  • Interested in getting the word out to fellow students about existing campaigns, working independently or part of a street team
  • Average time commitment 4 hours/week, depending on campaign schedule