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The Capilano Students’ Union is your place to get the latest information about the strike. We are not in favour of either side, rather a timely resolution that is fair and minimizes the impact on students. Our information will be unbiased, reposting updates directly from both sides, and supportive of Capilano students’ rights to express their concerns. If this page doesn’t answer your questions please email

If you would like to express your concerns to either faculty or administration representatives, these are the point-people you can contact:

Brent Calvert, CFA President:
Ed Lavalle, CFA Negotiator:

Richard Gale, VP Academic & Provost:
Parveen Mann, University Negotiator:


A strike is a refusal to work organized by a body of employees — in this case the Capilano Faculty Association (CFA) — as a form of protest, typically in an attempt to gain a concession or concessions from their employer — in this case Capilano University.
A picket line is the description given to those who gather outside or near the entrance of the workplace during a strike. These include striking workers, workers locked out by their employer, and members of other unions.
Should the Capilano Faculty Association decide to strike, it is the right of every student to either respect the line or to cross it onto the campus.
In the event of a full-scale strike and picket line, both the university faculty and staff will not be at work. This means that almost all on campus university services will be suspended. The Capilano University website will keep an updated list of services still being offered throughout the strike.
Classes are scheduled to run until such time as the Capilano Faculty Association announces that they are picketing. For daily updates, check the university’s faculty strike action update page.
Yes. Though currently the Capilano Faculty Association has stated that members will not be submitting grades, this still means that all assignments are to be completed and submitted as regularly scheduled.
Depending on the level of job action taken, exams could either be postponed or cancelled. In the event of cancelled exams, grades could potentially be judged based on work done in the course up until that point. Faculty members may also choose to provide make up exams to students once the strike is finished.
It depends on the length of the process. In previous strikes at Capilano University, no student has been prevented from completing a course or graduating.
In the case of full job action, there will be no instructors teaching or in the classes.
The CSU’s organizer can provide advice on academic grade appeals. She can be contacted at
Under the essential services order of the BC Labour Relations Board governing essential services during this labour dispute, the child care centre has not been declared an essential service, and will be closed for the duration of the strike.
All students are encouraged to be informed of the proposals from both sides of the table and make an informed decision as to where they stand. Any student wishing to express respectful opinion either way is encouraged to do so understanding that no discipline will be taken. The Capilano Students’ Union encourages everyone to remain as respectful as possible in all of their comments both online and in person.
Being informed is the best action a student can take. Keep up to date on posts from both Capilano University and the Capilano Faculty Association.


Use this email if you have any general questions about the strike.


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