Black History Month is observed every February in Canada and the United States as a month of education on the histories of Black people. Beginning as a week-long study of African-American history in 1926, it was expanded to an entire month in 1970. The initial ask of improving curriculums to include Black history has expanded over the years to include honouring past members of the Black community, learning about African culture, and more. 


Ethiopian Cooking Workshop
Watch • audience: all students
Mekdes Gete, founder of Hibret Amharic School, will host a pre-taped workshop on Ethiopian cooking. 

Black Hair Workshop
Request instant access • audience: self-identified Black students
Mariam Zaghloul, owner of 10710 Shop, will demonstrate working with and braiding Black hair. CSU students of colour liaison Feven Kidane will be the model. This video is intended for self-identified Black students only. 

Paris Is Burning Live Screening
Calendar eventLink to watch • streaming February 12 • 5:00pm • audience: all students
CSU will be hosting a live watch-party of Paris Is Burning, a 1990 documentary covering drag and house culture in New York City. 

Live Stream with Jazz Singer Jazzmeia Horn
Register • streaming live February 22 • 1:00pm • audience: all students
Grammy-nominated Black American jazz singer Jazzmeia Horn will be available via Zoom, followed by a performance of her music.


About Backstage at CapU
Backstage at CapU is a series of exciting videos of artists sharing stories with BlueShore Financial Centre for the Performing Arts program director Fiona Black.

Dee Daniels
Dee Daniels is an amazing musician from North Vancouver.  Her four-octave vocal range is thrilling to witness. She delights in bringing her jazz which is infused with gospel and blues to her audience.

Dawn Pemberton
Dawn Pemberton is a Vancouver soul artist that uses her jazz voice and piano to delight audiences. Her love of music started at a young age surrounded by a family home filled with instruments and music.


The following films associated with Black culture are available to stream through the CapU Library.

Harriet (2019)
Harriet tells the incredible true story of Harriet Tubman, and her quest to lead hundreds of slaves to freedom on the Underground Railroad. 

All Eyez on Me (2017)
This biopic of legendary rapper Tupac Shakur depicts his rise to fame, his political activism, his growth as an artist, and his untimely death at the age of 25.

BlacKkKlansman (2018)
A black detective sets out to infiltrate the Colorado chapter of the Ku Klux Klan in BlacKkKlansman

Boyz N the Hood (1991)
Boyz N the Hood tells the tale of three teens growing up in an LA neighbourhood. 

Loving (2016)
In Loving, an interracial couple fight Virginia’s miscegenation laws and their case reaches the United States Supreme Court. 

Queen of Katwe (2016)
Queen of Katwe is a biopic about Ugandan chess prodigy Phiona Mutesi. 

Paris Is Burning (1990)
Paris is Burning is a documentary on ball culture as told by its Black and Latin queer community.