Capilano eSports Club

Mission statement:We organize Casual and Competitive Gaming Events on Campus!
President: Thien Nghi Le ([email protected]) •  Website

Capilano Radio Club

Mission statement: Our aim is to provide a platform for students to have their voices heard, and have local student art and projects showcased.
President: MJ Dolar ([email protected]) • Website • FacebookTwitter •  Instagram

Capilano Student Cinema Club

Mission statement: The Capilano Student Cinema Club’s mission is to provide a diverse, alternative, and immersive cinema going experience for the student community of Capilano University. We believe that film is an important part of the human experience, and an asset to crafting a well rounded, multifaceted education. We hope that we can provide an undercurrent to the learning experience at CapU through the watching, studying, and celebration of film as an art and as entertainment. To accomplish this we will draw from a varied and nuanced library of films, including both established classics and essential art house, to be screened weekly in the BOSA theatre. This will be open to all students of Capilano University interested in participating.
President: Spencer Zimmerman ([email protected]

Capilano Tabletop Role-Playing Club

Mission statement: The Capilano Tabletop Role-Playing Club seeks to promote positive social interactions and lasting friendships through pen and paper games. It also seeks to introduce pen and paper games to the student body of Capilano University; to help members practice positive social behaviours; To help members develop stronger imaginations, and to have fun.
President: Thomas Leung ([email protected])

CSU Surf Club

Mission statement: The CSU Surf Club aims to promote healthy mental wellbeing and physical activity, by bringing students to surf the beautiful West Coast waves in Tofino.
President: Bethany Lum ([email protected])

The Capilano Cut

Mission statement: To showcase Capilano’s community through video by covering university events, informing students of programs, and sharing personal stories and projects that make a positive impact on and off-campus.
President: Mika Heiskanen ([email protected]) • YoutubeInstagramFacebookTwitter

The Coalition

Mission statement: The Coalition is a group based within Capilano University’s Theatre Department and is open to all walks of life no matter your race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or accessibility. The Coalition is an action-based group determined to defy and abolish institutionalized discrimination by having open and controversial discussions on current topics. We believe in uplifting and inspiring marginalized voices while striving for true equity.
President: Trinity Valera-Mertineit ([email protected])

Enactus Capilano

Mission statement: Enactus Capilano strives to provide the support and opportunity to create and foster sustainable projects that benefit the community by identifying social, economic, and environmental needs
President: Kirsten Marr ([email protected]) • WebsiteInstagramFacebookTwitter

Christian Club: Encounter Capilano

Mission statement: To create a Christian Community within Capilano University where students can “do life together”, build lifelong connections and glorify Jesus Christ. Encounter Capilano’s vision is to e a recognized safe place open for all to explore what God has in store for them, including worship, discipleship, prayer, and outreach.
President: Victoria Bohl ([email protected])

Exercise is Medicine

Mission statement: To create connections between HKIN students, Capilano University student body, faculty, and staff on campus, and promote health and wellness through exercise and active living. Exercise is Medicine Canada/Campus/CapU (EIMC) in Canada is organized by CSEP to promote the prescription of exercise by more health professionals in order to increase physical fitness and improve the health and wellness of the population.
President: Samantha J Doyle ([email protected])

Music Therapy Students Alliance

Mission statement: The Music Therapy Students Alliance operates to offer support to the cohorts of the Music Therapy Program by fostering community involvement, professional development, and positive promotion of music therapy.  
Cynthia Ng and Kirsten Ziegelmeier ([email protected])

Philosopher’s Cafe

Mission statement:The Philosophers Cafe is here to make philosophy easily accessible to everyone. Most of the members are not philosophers, majoring in other areas that vary from STEM to the arts and humanities. Our discussions include topics on God, gods, ethics, metaphysics, reality, etc. Hopefully you can drop in on one of our discussions happening on Thursdays @ Maple 115 from 11:30am-1:00pm.
President: Nathanael Nga ([email protected])

Social Justice Club

Mission statement: We aim to create collaborative spaces where critical analysis, dialogue and self-reflection can open new insights. We seek to inform the public and challenge assumptions to shift perspective about current social issues.
President: Sol Zamiadi ([email protected]) Website • FacebookTwitter •  Instagram