Animation Club

Mission statement: Our mission is to connect people who love the art of animation, whether it be 2D or 3D, Anime, cartoons, stop-motion animation, CGI, etc. From the vintage hand-painted frames to the amazing digitally rendered motion picture films, if animation is your passion, the Animation Club could be for you!
President: Aeston Escobar ([email protected])

Bhangra Capilano

Mission statement: A capilano Bhangra team which can take part in competitions. We want a team not with the same members from the community Bhangra belongs to; but from all the cultures.
President: Gurpreet Ahluwalia ([email protected])

Capilano Book Club

Mission statement: Do you like reading and discussing books? Then, Capilano book club is the perfect place for you. Our club is a friendly and respectful place for discussing books and sharing ideas. Everyone welcome to the club, and you can join us to start a new friendship or even more.
Contacts: Mert Arda, president ([email protected])

Capilano Climbing Club

Mission statement: Our Mission at the Capilano Climbing Club is to bring affordable, fun and social indoor rock climbing to the students of Capilano Univesity. We strive to be an inclusive club were Capilano students of all ages and backgrounds are welcome.
Contacts: Andrew Barnes, president ([email protected]) and Haley Kuzek, treasurer ([email protected]) • Facebook

Capilano Dance Club

Mission statement: To share the joy of dance and facilitate a supportive, creative environment for all. Weekly drop-in classes of varying styles and levels provide options for everyone – from the curious beginner to the lifelong dancer.
President: Alisa Lindley ([email protected]) • WebsiteFacebookTwitter •  Instagram

Capilano Esports Club

Mission statement: The Esports Club aims to brng together people of all ages and backgrounds to play the games we love. Whether you play a game competetively or casually, all are welcome.
President: Justin Tan ([email protected]) • Facebook

Capilano Investment Club

Mission statement: To serve as a platform to discuss the world of investing and investment opportunities.
President: Matthew Fedak ([email protected]

Capilano MUN Club

Mission statement: The Capilano Model UN (MUN) Club will create a space and platform for students of our community to debate thoughts, exchange ideas and express opinions regarding relevant subjects of our society and world. The Capilano MUN Club will offer such space, as well as a constant training and exposure to techniques and skills for public speaking, critical thinking and MUN debate rules. Students will engage into subjects of high importance within the international diplomacy, as well as matters related to the world order, with the interest of gaining awareness and knowledge about these topics, but also learning how to work together with other representatives in order to reach an agreement, even if the standpoints are on opposite poles.
President: Harsha Sharma ([email protected])

Capilano Pre-Law Club

Mission statement: It is the mission of the club to connect students interested in pursuing an education in law school with other like-minded students, faculty, professionals, and resources.
Vice-President: Andrew Willis ([email protected])

Capilano Psychology Club

Mission statement: To bring together past, current, and future students into the Psychology community.
President: Emily Murphy-Hewer ([email protected])

Capilano Radio Club

Mission statement: Our aim is to provide a platform for students to have their voices heard, and have local student art and projects showcased.
President: Will Clements ([email protected]) • website • Facebook

Capilano Student Cinema Club

Mission statement: The Capilano Student Cinema Club’s mission is to provide a diverse, alternative, and immersive cinema going experience for the student community of Capilano University. We believe that film is an important part of the human experience, and an asset to crafting a well rounded, multifaceted education. We hope that we can provide an undercurrent to the learning experience at CapU through the watching, studying, and celebration of film as an art and as entertainment. To accomplish this we will draw from a varied and nuanced library of films, including both established classics and essential art house, to be screened weekly in the BOSA theatre. This will be open to all students of Capilano University interested in participating.
President: Spencer Zimmerman ([email protected]

Capilano Tabletop Role-Playing Club

Mission statement: The Capilano Tabletop Role-Playing Club seeks to promote positive social interactions and lasting friendships through pen and paper games. It also seeks to introduce pen and paper games to the student body of Capilano University; to help members practice positive social behaviours; To help members develop stronger imaginations, and to have fun.
President: Thomas Leung ([email protected])

Capilano Vegan Club

Mission statement: The Capilano Vegan Club is an inclusive community seeking to connect like-minded people who are interested in bettering the lives of animals, conserving the environment, and promoting a healthy lifestyle.
PresidentMaclayne Simone ([email protected])

Capilano Yoga Club

Mission statement: The CYC provides students access to the practice of yoga, and aims to build a society of yoga practitioners on campus.
President: Duncan Davidson ([email protected]) • Facebook • meets Wednesdays at 11:30-12:30 in the Sportsplex fitness centre (spring 2018)

Desi Students Society

Mission statement: The Desi students society aims at promoting awareness of the south asian culture. The club’s purpose is to bring all cultures together to spread love and peace. The intent is to do this by hosting multicultural events that promote inclusiveness, and to help international students feel at home and close to their culture.
President: Asees Sidhu ([email protected]) • Facebook

Early Childhood Care and Education Club

Mission statement: Build strong relationships and community within the ECCE program at Cap. To engage students and faculty in convivial and inclusive events that relate to the work that we do with children and their families, through art, movement, media, amongst other forms of expression.
President: Sarah Bathurst ([email protected])

Enactus Capilano

Mission statement: Enactus Capilano strives to provide the support and opportunity to create and foster sustainable projects that benefit the community by identifying social, economic, and environmental needs
President: Betty Huang ([email protected]) • websiteInstagramFacebook

Encounter Capilano

Mission statement: To create a Christian Community within Capilano University where students can “do life together”, build lifelong connections and glorify Jesus Christ. Encounter Cailano’s vision is to e a recognized safe place open for all to explore what God has in store for them, including worship, discipleship, prayer, and outreach.
President: Sarah Friesen ([email protected])

Exercise is Medicine

Mission statement: To create connections between HKIN students, Capilano University student body, faculty, and staff on campus, and promote health and wellness through exercise and active living. Exercise is Medicine Canada/Campus/CapU (EIMC) in Canada is organized by CSEP to promote the prescription of exercise by more health professionals in order to increase physical fitness and improve the health and wellness of the population.
President: Samantha J Doyle ([email protected])

Game Design Club

Mission statement: The Capilano Game Design Club wants to bring together people from all backgrounds interested in the process of creating games. No need to know how to code as there’s a lot of other skills used in creating a game, digital or not. This club is an excellent opportunity to practice team-building skills and challenges participants to tune into their imagination. Meet-ups will consist of breakdown/discussion of games as well as getting into groups to design a game within a limited span of time. Writers, Designers, Animators, Artists, Coders, Enthusiasts of the Game World are all welcome!
President: Mariana Lomelino ([email protected])

Indigenous Student Council

Mission statement: We need to come together as Indigenous Students to discuss issues of politics regarding Kinder Morgan, Land Claims, Treaty agreements, activism and how we can help. Especially when it comes to bringing awareness on campus.
President: Tristin Greyeyes ([email protected])

Korean Club

Mission statement:  We, the Korean Club, would like to introduce (or further expand) the knowledge and awareness of Korean culture to the students at Capilano University in a fun and interactive way!
President: Da Hyun Lee ([email protected])

The Law Forum

Mission statement: To serve as a platform for the discussion and debate of national and international legal issues; to discuss upcoming events in the legal profession; to provide assistance and direction to students interested in applying for law school; and, to present the opportunity to network with others sharing a common interest in law via external groups/non-governmental organizations.
PresidentMariah Crudo ([email protected])

Middle Eastern Student Club

Mission statement: Seeking to introduce the middle eastern culture to the students of Capilano, by hosting events/ gatherings that will include food, dances, performances, and debates. Our goal is that middle eastern students and non middle eastern students engage in activities that would hopefully bring appreciation to our culture and other cultures alike.
President: Jad Alriyabi ([email protected]

Music Therapy Students Alliance

Mission statement: The Music Therapy Students Alliance operates to offer support to the cohorts of the Music Therapy Program by fostering community involvement, professional development, and positive promotion of music therapy.  
Cynthia Ng and Kirsten Ziegelmeier ([email protected])

Philosopher’s Cafe

Mission statement: It is the mission of the Club to Foster organic discussion on issues in Philosophy and Ethics.
Nathanael Nga ([email protected])

Photography Club

Mission statement: Our mission of this club is to gather people who are passionate about photography and want to take it to the next level, free photography workshops and tips to improve people’s photography is what we will do. Another thing on which our club is focused upon is, to hunt hidden photographers in our university and encourage them to improve their skills.
Mili Negi ([email protected])

Ski and Snowboard Club

Mission statement: The goal of the club is to promote friendship and fun. Our primary focus is the sport of snow skiing and boarding. At the same time, we will strive to provide an acceptable social outlet with year-round events for fun-loving Cap U students
Co-presidents: Cameron Foot ([email protected])

Student Worker Alliance Group

Mission statement: It is the mission of the club to build solidarity between workers and students on campus to raise awareness about issues that impact members of the campus community including a living wage, precarious working conditions, rising tuitions, cost of living, and other issues related to equality and social justice.
President: Leticia Fox ([email protected]) • Facebook • Meets Fridays at 11:30 in Library room 215

Surf Club

Mission statement: The purpose of this club is to connect with students who share a passion for surfing. Whether you have never surfed in your life, or you get barrelled weekly, we want to connect with everyone and plan a surfing trip out to Tofino.
President: Tom Balog ([email protected])

Thrive: Recreation Club

Mission statement: We aim to connect CapU students to the nature around campus, and the nature within them, by running through the forest, and doing other activities around campus.
President: Oscar Blue ([email protected]) • Facebook

Young Liberal Party Club

Mission statement: A club for the liberal party of Canada. Involving young minds to share their ideas to the table, and to share their ideas in politics in a healthy environment, and to engage in dialogue with one another. And bring that voice to policy makers, and to make a difference in some way. Get involved with your local politics, and community.
President: Erik Wendland ([email protected])

Young Women in Business

Mission statement: YWiB Capilano strives to empower all women across all faculties by creating opportunities that will inspire them to pursue their passions and continuously engage in professional and personal development.
Presidents: Angela Jiang and Michelle Zhen ([email protected], [email protected]) • website • Instagram • Facebook