CSU collectives represent self-identified members of various constituency groups at Capilano. They meet regularly to work on ways to benefit the students they represent , these activities include:

  • organizing events to help students build support and friendship in their community
  • executing campaigns to raise awareness of issues facing their group
  • facilitating discussions and seminars on important issues in the community
  • finding ways to break down stigma in the broader society
  • improving accessibility for students to resources, programs and events on and off campus



The accessibility justice collective advocates alongside students with disabilities for greater campus inclusion and also works to remove barriers that would impact student success. We meet monthly during the Fall and Spring semesters to discuss events, campaigns, and issues that students with disabilities are facing on our campuses. This collective is open to ANYONE and to get involved please contact [email protected] and/or join the group on Facebook


The accessibility justice collective strives to connect students at Capilano University with the resources they need to have a successful and fulfilling academic career. We liaise with the university’s accessibility department and assist in providing a student and disability perspective when it comes to new campus initiatives.


This collective is hosting a variety of events, such as De-stress Week where we invite students to enjoy fun and relaxing sessions like:

  • art therapy
  • free massage
  • therapy dogs

We also host other sessions where we bring in community partners that align with our own mandate.


Academic (Funding and Supports)

Private Groups – Databases and signup sites

Disability Awards
A website devoted to funding awards and scholarships for students with permanent disabilities, both full and part-time students. The site caters to Canadian students and is supported by the National Education Association of Disabled Students.

National Education Association of Disabled Students
This website provides clear and concise information about government funding for disabled students; how to qualify and how to apply.

Scholarships Canada
Enables students to create a detailed profile where they are able to search for private funding specific for students with disabilities and specific to their situation.

Lime Connect – Scholarships and Awards
A not-for-profit organization that assists people with disabilities while entering the business world. They strive to show that those with different needs produce the same quality of work as anyone else.


Federal employment and training programs for students
Programs and training for students with disabilities to gain new experiences in a professional environment, as well as hone their skills as they get ready for life after graduation.


Canadian Mental Health Association
A safe and accessible resource for people who need more information on a mental illness or condition. There are also specific resources for students.


Disability Alliance Advocacy AccessA provincial voice for people with disabilities. A majority of their work involves assisting people with their federal and provincial funding applications and receiving benefits.

Inclusion BC (formerly BC Association for Community Living)
This advocacy group hosts workshops on employment and improving your workspace to be more accessible, as well as being a voice for disabled people on civic and provincial matters.

BC Human Rights Tribunal
The judicial resource for people who have had their human rights violated.

ARA Mental Health
ARA Mental Health is a grassroots non-governmental organization that provides advocacy, information, and referrals to individuals who live with mental health concerns and their families.

Learning Disabilities Association of Vancouver
The LDAV is a registered charity and non-profit that offers affordable and accessible remedial teaching for children and youth with learning disabilities.

Disability Resource Network of BC for Post-Secondary Education
This is an organization that is committed to representing those with a disability at the post-secondary education level.

Education and training

WorkBC Path to Employment
A job search engine for those with a disability.

Neil Squire – Training programs for those with disabilitiesThe only national not-for-profit organization in Canada that has, for over thirty years, empowered Canadians with disabilities through the use of computer-based assistive technologies, research and development, and various employment programs.


Government  Education and Training
A list of various programs for those with disabilities to get equipment and study grants in order to better prepare them and their work environment for their unique needs.

Government Self-Employment FundingFunding to help people with disabilities run their own business.

Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and WorkA program and workshop based group funded by the federal government to enhance and hone employability of disabled persons. Also extends assistance to employers looking to make their workplace and workforce more diverse and accessible.


Lime Connect – Networking events and opportunities

Disability Resource Network of BC for Post Secondary Education

Transition to Post Secondary Education
A great resource for first-year post-secondary students and those not yet finished grade 12. The first year is the hardest and most challenging for students with disabilities, where new study and life skills are needed to be applied at a rapid and efficient pace.

Creating Opportunities for People with DisabilitiesA job listing source for people with disabilities, and a resource to connect to communities and new opportunities.

Capilano University

Mathematics Learning CentreStudents may obtain individual assistance from the instructor on duty with math or statistics problems related to a course taken at Capilano University.

Learning Specialist Services
The Learning Specialists help students reach their academic goals by teaching them how to study both effectively and efficiently, and are knowledgeable to the unique challenges many disabled students face.

Student Success WorkshopsThese are free workshops open to all students, and are particularly helpful to students with disabilities. This includes exam preparation and writing, how to best read your textbooks to retain the most information and how to take notes best suited to your learning methods.

Writing Centre
A quiet space to work and get help with your writings; drop in instruction available.

Contact Accessibility Services
Your first stop when you start your time here at Capilano, and any time you’re seeking assistance.

Exam Request Form
Short cut to requesting to have your exam invigilated by Accessibility Services in their offices.


BC StudentAid
Grants funding for full and part time students with disabilities.

BC StudentAid Permanent Disability Application Form

BC StudentAid Full Time Course Load – Disability Funding

Government Funding in British Columbia

Federal Government Funding

Federal Permanent Disability Benefits

Canada Student Loans Program
Application for the grant for services and equipment for students with permanent disabilities

Disability Tax Credit
The disability tax credit (DTC) is a non-refundable tax credit that helps persons with disabilities or their supporting persons reduce the amount of income tax they may have to pay. An individual may claim the disability amount once they are eligible for the DTC. This amount includes a supplement for persons under 18 years of age at the end of the year.

Guide to the Registered Disability Savings Plan in British Columbia
The Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) is a way for eligible people with disabilities to save for their long-term financial security. It also enables people receiving social assistance to protect assets and income.

Registered Disability Savings Plan Federally
A registered disability savings plan (RDSP) is a savings plan that is intended to help parents and others save for the long-term financial security of a person who is eligible for the disability tax credit (DTC).

Bursaries from Capilano specifically for Students with Disabilities

The Honourable Thomas A Dohm (QC LLD) Bursary

Paul Jones Memorial

North Shore Disability Resource Centre Bursary

Joanne’s Award

Christine Schink Memorial Fund

North Shore Lions Club Award

ScotiaBank Award for Business Studies


CounsellingHere to help you through the stresses and hurdles of post-secondary education. The counselling services will guide you and teach you how to deal with anxiety, time management, grief and loss, depression and more. Counsellors are available to counsel students on career choices and academic success.

Health Services and Sports Medicine
Your student health plan covers or helps cover physiological and physical medical costs associated with aspects of some disabilities.


CSU Accessibility Justice Collective
A student collective dedicated just to students with disabilities. We aim to be your voice on campus. Coming to meetings, emailing the coordinator and getting involved with events will ensure your needs are heard and advocated for.

Education and training

Tuition Free Classes – University Prep for Students with DisabilitiesFocus will be on developing the skills and strategies necessary to be an independent, self-regulated learner in a post-secondary setting. Emphasis will be placed on taking personal responsibility for learning, developing effective study and time management skills, and learning how to effectively disclose learning disabilities in an educational and workplace environment.

Discover Employability CertificateTransition from high school to a post-secondary and/or workplace environment with ease! Students explore a range of possible work areas and identify those that match their abilities and interest so to hone their post-secondary classes to their interests and to what skills and knowledge they want to develop.

Access Work ExperienceTo provide learners who may have social, economic, physical, emotional and/or learning barriers to further education and employment the opportunity to acquire knowledge, skills and experience in a supportive university program.

College and University Prep
Starting in January and September, the College and University Prep course teaches you the skills to master full-time university program.

University Success Course


VACANTAccessibility Justice Coordinator


Check the CSU calendar for collective meetings!