CSU collectives represent self-identified members of various constituency groups at Capilano. They meet regularly to work on ways to benefit the students they represent , these activities include:

  • organizing events to help students build support and friendship in their community
  • executing campaigns to raise awareness of issues facing their group
  • facilitating discussions and seminars on important issues in the community
  • finding ways to break down stigma in the broader society
  • improving accessibility for students to resources, programs and events on and off campus



Women students collective and women’s centre is a place where self-identifying women can gather and communicate. We are a group of intersectional feminists who meet to discuss a range of feminist issues, get involved with international campaigns, and organize and attend events on campus and in the community that are focused on the status of women and gender equality.

We advocate for ALL women. We use an inclusive definition of “woman” and “female” and we welcome trans women, genderqueer women, and non-binary people who are significantly female-identified. The Women’s Centre acts as a free, safe space and can be used by all self-identified “women” and they do not have to be part of the women’s collective to access this space. The centre has emergency personal hygiene products, coffee and tea, safer sex supplies, couches, tables, and a library.


The women’s collective meets to discuss feminist and gender based issues and organize themselves around these. We meet to plan events, campaigns, protests, brainstorm ways to promote gender equity on campus, and improve the Women’s Centre. We also work with the women’s and gender studies faculty to deliver programming and workshops for students and our members.

Our events include:

  • working with the queer students collective on Trans Day of Remembrance
  • supporting the Indigenous students collective in their work with and for Indigenous women
  • linking with mature & parent students collective for Mother’s Day
  • an ongoing clothing drive for the North Shore Women’s Shelter
  • collaborating with accessibility Justice on Eating Disorder Awareness Week
  • International Women’s Day
  • National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women
  • Healthier Masculinities workshops


Niko WilliamsonWomen Students Liaison


Check the CSU calendar for collective meetings!



The Capilano Students’ Union holds annual Women’s Month programming during the month of March to create awareness about the lived experiences of women navigating post-secondary spaces, and to celebrate women’s achievements.


Instagram Takeover
Monday, March 8 • Instagram
On International Women’s Day, to kick off Women’s Month, the women students liaison is going to be conducting an Instagram takeover to introduce programming that members can expect to see over the next several weeks; to discuss the importance of International Women’s Day; and to promote the women students collective as an organizing body for self-identified women, including an upcoming collective meeting.

Interview Series
March 10, 17, 24, and 31 • YouTube
We are going to be publishing video interviews with self-identified women. Topics include business, life, motherhood, and more. Videos will be shared throughout the month on YouTube as well as embedded in this page.

Periods Are for Everyone
Wednesday, March 24 • 11:30am • Register
We are hosting a presentation on menstruation for trans folks, in order to explore and educate campus community members on the idea that menstrual products, and cycle supports are not just “feminine hygiene,” but “human hygiene.”

Women Students Collective Meeting
Tuesday, March 30 at 11:30am • Register
The women students collective meets to discuss feminist and gender-based issues and organize themselves around these. It meets to plan events, campaigns, protests, brainstorm ways to promote gender equity on campus, and improve the Women’s Centre.