The campaigns and advocacy committee’s duties are to:

  • develop and recommend to the CSU board of directors issues-based policies and principles that shall serve as the foundation for the society’s provincial, federal and municipal lobbying efforts and as the foundation for the Society’s campaigns during provincial, federal and municipal elections, academic issues;
  • assist members of the executive committee in liaising with the various levels of government, with TransLink and other local authorities, and with national and provincial student organizations and university administration;
  • assist members of the executive committee in lobbying the appropriate levels of government on issues of interest to the members
  • assist in the preparation of briefs, discussion papers, and policy documents with respect to post-secondary education for the approval of the CSU board of directors, and for submission to the university and to governmental or non-governmental bodies external to the university;
  • advise members of the executive committee and the CSU board of dirctors on how to communicate information about activities and issues facing the society to the university and the general community in a full, succinct and timely manner;
  •  develop ways through which the society can improve academic quality and student engagement at the university;
  • review the impact of university, provincial and federal government educational policy; and such other powers and duties as assigned by the Board, from time to time.


If you are interested in getting involved with this committee, email [email protected]!


Check the CSU public events and meetings calendar to see when this committee meets next.