The finance and audit committee’s duties are to:

  •  support the vice-president finance and services in the research, planning, and preparation of the Society’s annual budget before the end of each fiscal year, for the next fiscal year, based on the society’s proposed expenditures, including all administrative expenses, the proposed expenditures of the CSU board of directors, standing committees, collectives, and clubs, and expenditures from separate funds established in the CSU procedures manual;
  • consider and provide recommendations and observations to theCSU board of directors with respect to proposed amendments to the society’s annual budget, before any such amendments are considered by the CSU board of directors;
  •  develop and recommend to the CSU board of directors the spending authorities for each of the budget line items set out in the society’s annual budget, and any restrictions or conditions that they consider advisable and appropriate for each such authority;
  • receive and analyze reports from the vice president finance and services on matters such as bulk purchasing and the society’s investment portfolios;
  • ensure compliance with the society’s financial procedures by the CSU board of directors, executive committee, standing committees, board members, senior managers, employees, and officers of the society, and conduct spot checks;
  • promote a workplace culture where board members, employees, and other individuals are safe and protected in reporting suspected fraudulent activities;
  • submit a quarterly report to the Board each August, November, February, and May, such reports to state the society’s actual expenditures and revenue, and with the May report to include year-end projections and an audit timeframe;
  •  develop and recommend to the CSU board of directors courses of action to address deficits, surpluses, and unallocated revenue, including sponsorship revenue;
  • review the society’s fee levels, and to develop and recommend to the CSU board of directors any referendum questions that they think appropriate to be put to the membership; and
  • such other powers and duties as assigned by the VSU board of directors, from time to time.


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