The governance committee’s duties are to:

  • annually review these Procedures and recommend to the CSU board of directors various options for appropriate amendments to the CSU procedures manual to address revisions to the CSU board of directors, its standing committees, collectives, clubs and society as a whole;
  • develop and recommend to the CSU board of directors various options for appropriate revisions to the constitution and bylaws, to be referred for a decision of the membership;
  • advise the board on current interpretations of the constitution, bylaws, and these procedures, and on possible amendments to these documents;
  • develop and recommend to the CSU board of directors the establishment, revision, or discontinuation of compensation and benefits for the society’s appointed positions, and any revisions to appointees’ terms of appointment;
  • review the remuneration of members of the executive committee and recommend to the board changes in that remuneration, subject to the bylaws, by December 15 of each year;
  • assist in identifying, interviewing, and recruiting candidates for board in emergency succession;
  • monitor the board’s compliance with its Bylaws and procedures and report to the board on a semesterly basis;
  • conduct an annual analysis on board compliance and report to the board by March 31, of each year;
  • review and provide guidance to the board on how to effectively manage the stakeholder relationship between the society and the membership and;
  • such other powers and duties as assigned by the board, from time to time.


If you are interested in getting involved with this committee, email the chair (to be determined)!


Check the CSU public events and meetings calendar to see when this committee meets next.