About CSU

The Capilano Students’ Union (CSU) is a non-profit society whose purpose is to elevate the post-secondary experience through advocacy, service delivery, and leadership opportunities.

After years of student service, we’re happy to announce that we’re celebrating our 50th anniversary this year! Join us as we celebrate this big milestone during the year and take pride in the awesome work that our students, employees, and community have accomplished—past and present.

Upcoming Events

The CSU is excited to invite students, alumni, and members to events celebrating our 50th anniversary. Stay tuned for upcoming events and we can’t wait to see you there!

CSU Executive Committee

June 16, 2026•11:30 am - 1:00 pm

History Timeline


Everyone starts from somewhere. In 1971, we were incorporated as a non-profit society. We were called the Capilano College Student Society and were a grassroots approach to advocating for students. It’s astonishing to see how much we’ve grown since then!


In 1989, we solidified our direction as an organization and changed our name to the one we all know and love, the Capilano Students’ Union (CSU)! Worry not, we still continued to operate as a society that serves students.


Summer’s over! Taken in 1992/1993, let’s start off the semester with this snapshot of the past. It’s no surprise to see that the CSU has always welcomed students with open arms year after year!


CSU staff are always available to help new students. Even if the scenery has changed or our tools have progressed, we have always been there for the student body. Whether it’d be 1993/1994 or 2021.


We’re human too. We enjoy our little breaks just like everyone, but rest assured, we’re up and at ‘em in the next moment! 1997 or otherwise!


It’s hard to imagine that it’s been two decades (2000) since this photo was taken in our old admin office—time sure flies. We miss you, bud!

Let’s get our knit on! Members of the CSU Knitting Club met in 2000 to get crafty together, no matter their experience.

We love it when our students speak up for what they believe in. Here, Capilano students join the Take Back the Night rally in 2000 to protest sexual violence against women.

Every December 6, a vigil is held for the École Polytechnique massacre, also known as the Montreal massacre. Candles are lit and these Capilano students in 2000 respectfully mourn for those we lost on that day.

The CSU collaborated with the City of Vancouver to develop this women’s monument. It was built in 1997 and now sits in Thornton Park in Vancouver to honour the women who died in the École Polytechnique massacre, also known as the Montreal massacre.


In 2001, we joined the protest against the privatization of water. Everyone has a right to water and it should be accessible to all.

During the scandal between the Capilano University and its secret deal with Coca-Cola in 2001, the CSU raised awareness about the situation and demonstrated discontentment with the Big Purple mascot.

In 2001, CSU protesters held a rally against BC premier Gordon Campbell for going back on his promises to freeze tuition. His actions had caused tuition to double in two years, impacting students across the province.

Rock on! Students were welcome to perform at this 2001 CSU Open Mic Night and they sure brought the music!

In 2001, we helped represent provincial lobbying partners in a rally against the North American Free Agreement (NAFTA), Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), and World Trade Organization (WTO) to protest free trade. Our students have always been passionate about movements like this.


Every part of our community is important! In the Queer Resource Centre (2002), students are able to hang out and enjoy themselves as well as gain access to resources. The Queer Resource Centre is now located in room BR 313.

In 2002, women from the CSU women’s collective stood together to demonstrate solidarity. Each of their shirt colours represent a different form of abuse experienced by women.


Our CSU board members are always hard at work! As seen in this photo from 2003, even when meetings bore and brains are about to combust, they’re always pushing to do the best they can. Thank you to former and current board members who give for our organization their all!


Hassina Sherjan, president of Aid Afghanistan for Education, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating Afghan young women, speaks at a CSU Women’s Week event in 2004. Having her here was an honour and she inspired many of us with her presentation!

What a way to enjoy the newly opened CSU Tree House in 2004, a lounge space that the CSU used to maintain in the Library building! It’s clear that space was always been a source of comfort for us all.

During this First Nations week in 2004, these Indigenous students expressed themselves with traditional attire dressed in cultural regalia.


Did you know? The CSU started the recycling program and trash audit at Capilano University in 2005. We performed these responsibilities until the university took over and started their own recycling program.

Ivan Sayers, a professor in the field of historical attire, gives a talk during CSU Women’s Week in 2005. His presentation surely gave the audience a clear comparison between the past and present. That’s pretty neat!

Students participated in an invasive species pull of English ivy to help rid the campus of them in 2005. Let’s protect our natural environment!

After days of hard work at the invasive species pull in 2005, volunteers and facilities have lunch together and celebrate the fruit of their labour. To everyone’s efforts, we raise our glasses!


Looks familiar, doesn’t it? Our newly renovated CSU Member Centre was unveiled in 2012, giving us the comfortable space and atmosphere most of us have come to love.


Capilano students participated in the 2013 CSU Five Days for the Homeless. These students slept outside to raise money for homeless charities and awareness about homelessness.


Our spaces just keep getting better and better! This time, the CSU Maple Lounge was renovated for the second time in 2014. We put in new furniture and added utility to the student space. We think it looks great!


CSU members join our provincial lobbying partners, Alliance of BC Students, in a rally for housing Victoria in 2016. With the combined efforts of everyone, it was a success with $450 million in funding for student housing!


The CSU hosted its first large-scale party in 2017 as the opening party of the year! There were so many activities students enjoyed, including music, dancing, and a 19+ beer garden. Talk about starting off with a bang!

We love hosting fun events for students! This shot was taken at a Watch It Wednesday movie screening in 2017. Yes, there was a ball pit!

CSU board member Sacha Fabry speaks at a vigil for the 2017 Quebec City mosque shooting.

One of the CSU’s most highlighted events, Rail Jam is a CSU and outdoor recreation management students collaborated event open to all riders (skiers and snowboarders). No lift needed!


A perfect landing by a snowboarder at the annual Rail Jam for Social Change, hosted by CSU in cooperating with outdoor recreation management students!


A perfect landing by a snowboarder at the annual Rail Jam for Social Change, hosted by CSU in cooperating with outdoor recreation management students!