NORTH VANCOUVER – February 7, 2018 – The Capilano Students’ Union (CSU) has been recognized by the Living Wage for Families Campaign as a living wage employer. This means that the CSU has committed to ensuring that its direct and contracted workers receive a combined wages and benefits package that totals at least the living wage for our region; for Metro Vancouver, this is calculated to be about $20.62 per hour.

The CSU’s board of directors recently approved a living wage policy, making it organizational policy to pay all direct and contract workers a living wage for their work, and determining that the CSU should be a public advocate for ensuring that all workers receiving a living wage.

“The CSU’s continued advancements in providing services, events, and advocacy for our members would not be possible without the work of our professional and dedicated team of staff,” says Christopher Girodat, executive director of the student union. “Our staff team, student and non-student team members alike, works hard everyday to support students; I appreciate this formal recognition that we are committed to supporting them in return.”

According to Perry Safari, president of the student union, paying a living wage is also about leading by example for other employers. “We know first-hand the barriers that our members face when navigating through post-secondary education,” says Safari. “When employers pay a living wage, including to student and part-time workers, it helps to reduce student debt, and reduces barriers to accessing post-secondary education.”Click edit button to change this text.

Perry Safari, president
Capilano Students’ Union
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Christopher Girodat, executive director
Capilano Students’ Union
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