Donate a working laptop under 10 years old, and we’ll provide a $50 Best Buy gift card in thanks!



Reboot is the CSU’s electronics recycling and refurbishing program. Operated as part of the Device Doctor personal electronics repair and technical support service, Reboot is committed to minimizing e-waste by extending the life cycles of personal electronics through refurbishment. All refurbished devices will be donated to students in need to aid in their studies at Capilano University.

All devices that cannot be reused will be safely handled by certified recyclers — such as the Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA) British Columbia — as Reboot is committed to practicing and promoting responsible e-waste management. 

See the frequently asked questions for information about how to prepare your device for recycling by removing your data and protecting your privacy.


A non-working computer device can serve as hardware parts for another device. The electronic components within a used computer can still be salvaged, by using a working part to replace a broken part on another device.

This also applies to smartphones. For example, a dead iPhone can still be useful if you take out the screen and install it in another iPhone of the same model.

Ensure any accounts tied to your device (such as email or iCloud accounts) are deactivated. Clear the device of personal information (ensure all memory storage areas such as pictures and videos have been cleared of private information). Finally, remove the SIM card from smartphones.

For more information about the above, consider consulting the manufacturer’s website, the device’s owner’s manual, or asking an expert.

The CSU is committed to the protection of personal information, guided by its information security procedure. All donated computer harddrives will be wiped or destroyed — they will never be reused. This procedure ensures proper handling and disposal of harddrives. The program may provide certificates of data destruction, if necessary.

Students are responsible for ensuring that all personal data is removed from their electronic devices prior to bringing them to our drop-off locations. If you are unsure how to do this, contact your manufacturer for more information. While the Electronic Products Recycling Association requires that all of our recyclers protect data on electronic products from unauthorized access or theft, it is your obligation to protect your personal information. EPRA British Columbia does not accept liability for data or any other digital content that is left on electronic products collected at our drop-off locations.

Recycle My Electronics will direct you to the nearest location to recycle electronics that cannot be reused or refurbished.

Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA) British Columbia manages end-of-life electronics according to the highest environmental standards at every stage of the recycling process. Once collected and sorted, items are sent to an EPRA-approved recycling facility for dismantling and the removal of any substances of concern for proper downstream management. All other materials are separated into different streams to recover such parts as metals, plastics and glass so they can be processed into new products.

EPRA British Columbia is a not-for-profit industry-led organization that oversees a government-approved end-of-life electronics recycling program throughout the province. Residents and businesses can drop off their unwanted electronics free of charge for responsible recycling at an EPRA British Columbia drop-off location.

The Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA) is committed to recycling end-of-life electronic products collected through a network of drop-off locations in a responsible manner that protects the environment as well as worker health and safety.

EPRA only works with recyclers who have been verified under the national Electronics Recycling Standard (ERS), which was designed by the electronics industry to ensure that end-of-life electronics are managed in a safe and environmentally sound manner.

This means that all EPRA verified recyclers must be actively processing material that is entrusted to them by EPRA. Further, our Recycler Qualification Office (RQO) verifies the recyclers against the ERS requirements. This ensures that recyclers are maintaining appropriate environmental, health and safety controls, and are properly handling all materials. For more information, visit Recycler Qualifcaiton Office website.



CSU Library Lounge (Library 195)
Capilano University’s Main Campus (North Vancouver)


9:30am to 3:30pm
Tuesday to Thursday

Technology not listed may be declined at our desk and students will be encouraged to drop off devices at nearby electronics recycling depots, such as Return-It and Recycle My Electronics.