Blue, Oscar

Between 4 years of business studies concentrating in HR and a 3 year therapeutic counselling program that focuses on the relationships to self, others and groups, I have an exceptional skill set to lead and empower the CSU. I have been a member of the CSU’s Board of Directors since 2019, served on the University’s Senate and Board of Governors, and many committees. I want to make an impact this year by facilitating the needed connection among the CSU, it’s members and community. Thank you, Oscar

Lomelino, Maia

I’ve served as Women Students Liaison at CSU, as executive director at ABCS, sitting on advocacy committees in both institutions, working intensively for Cap U’s students for the past year. As CSU President, I will lead and support the CSU board with all my knowledge making sure ALL students will have a voice. For a safe campus life, equality, and removing the barriers to post-secondary education, for a strong and compassionate representation. It is time to make YOUR voice count.

Reisner, June

As president I will guide and uplift the other amazing student leaders on the board, so that as a team, we can improve life for every student at Cap! My current board position has given me a platform to advocate for all student union members, ignited my passion for university issues and prepared me well for this role. As a student at Cap since 2017 I know the issues we face, and as a former leader of multiple student organizations, I have the skillset to oppose and solve them effectively.

Duncan, Meshelle 

Hi! My name is Meshelle, and I’m running for VP of Equity & Sustainability. Social equity and environmental care are essential. By creating spaces where students feel successful and safe, we increase opportunities for change and sustaining this change into the future. Should I be elected, I’m looking forward to combining my work with Student Affairs and the EDI Action group to implement initiatives to better students’ experiences and well-being by collaborating with the individuals at Capilano.

Chartrand, Aryanna

The Vice President External needs to embrace and support the complex and dynamic lives of students which extend beyond the university’s campus. Student voices matter most when dialoguing and relationship building with our greater community. Our stance and position as the CSU and as a university must reflect our study body and I believe I can collaborate, support and present these ideas in a way that stays transparent and stays true to the best interest of all CSU members.

Yamagishi, Akira

Throughout these turbulent times, the CSU has assisted students through various support programs and services. As the glimmer of a return to in-person learning brightens, we need to ensure that our budget reflects this. With your support, we will work together to tailor these activities to students’ input and interest. With your trust, we will balance the needs of all current students with the continuity of the CSU and for future students alike. With your vote, we will shape the future together!

Montazar, Zabir

Hello! My name is Zabir Montazar. I am running for the position of CSU Vice-President Student Affairs. If elected I would make it my goal to get more students involved in what goes on at our University while representing the student body. I plan on interacting with as wide of an array of students as possible to obtain crucial information that I will present in front of the CSU President to play an active role in the ongoing improvement of our University. Please vote, Zabir Montazar, to serve.


Sharda, Nandini

This candidate did not submit a statement.

Izumi, Mayumi

I am excited to run for my 3rd term as the Mature & Parent Students Liaison. It is a role I know well & enjoy so much! I decided to run again because I love the CSU. They are a supportive & loving community of students & staff & I can’t imagine not being a part of this wonderful organization. I also know that many mature & parent students may feel out of place & disconnected from the other students & the university. I am here to resolve that. I want to make you feel a part of CapU.

Lynn, Sarah

My name is Sarah and I am 21! I am currently taking Psychology and Women and Gender studies at CapU. Being part of the csu is important to me as queer individual. I feel queer literature is underused in favor of heteronormative text within university education. Addressing gender policing, whether intentional or not, is another goal of mine. I recently published my own book of poetry that contains queer representation and I would love to see more of that.

Purkiss, Juliette

Since coming to terms with my gender identity, I’ve had the privilege of garnering a greater understanding of what being transgender means to me, a process that would have been much more difficult without the support of the incredible men, women, and non-binary individuals I’m lucky enough to have in my life. If elected I hope to do the same for all queer students at CapU, developing better resources for those discovering their own identity and fostering a welcoming environment for all.


Duwel, Clara

My goal is to ensure that every voice is heard and that every student feels like their concerns are valid and taken seriously. I’m aware of the challenges of entering a fully remote Unviseity experience; the feeling of loneliness, confusion, or disconnect. I want to assist in creating policies that minimize these issues and contribute to a more positive university experience. Most importantly, I want to bring your voice forward!

Alanis, Terrence

As current president of CAPUMA, I’m fortunate to collaborate with the CBPS leaders; creating events and opportunities for Cap U business students. My experience has encouraged me to be more involved with the CSU, resulting in my pursuit of a board of directors position as CSU business & professional representative. If elected, I’m committed to making decisions that will benefit the on-and-off campus experience of every business student at Cap U.

Hickman, Ben

While business is obviously run by money and in many ways individual success, there is great potential for the industry to be a more accountable and collaborative space. Why not have our faculty set an example for that? The work I have done with the EDI Action Group here at CapU will inform me in everything I hope to achieve as the Business & Professional Studies Rep for the CSU. I can simplify my platform with this slogan: “Broadening perspectives, empowering professionals”.

Mychael, Brigid

Brigid Mychael(she/they) is currently obtaining an Associates degree in Creative Writing at CAp. They are an uninvited guest on the ancestral and unceded lands of the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Nation, otherwise known as Elphinstone. Prior to enrolling at Capilano, they spent most of the past decade as a travelling musician, specializing in contemporary-accordion and vocals. Before taking up music professionally, they were an Administrative Assistant for their family business.

Gilani, Joel 

This candidate did not submit a statement.


Rabieipour, Sanaz

This candidate did not submit a statement.

Sharda, Ishita

As someone who has been actively involved in leadership roles in my short time at CapU, I intend to impart my experience and skills gained onto this role and voice peers’ concerns with passion. One of my goals will be to help strategize and find more field-related opportunities for Business students, especially those in the early years of their degree, and develop ways in which we can incorporate their feedback into new policies for the CBPS, for mutual benefit.

Besirevic, Enis

CAA has an important role in empowering and guiding accounting students through their studies. My objective as CAA President will be to support and provide opportunities to students who wish to grow and step closer to reaching their desired university and career goals. I am passionate about ensuring that CAA consistently provides events throughout the year to allow students to expand their knowledge, network and understanding of accounting outside of the classroom.

Kara, Sophia 

This candidate did not submit a statement.

Price-Stephens, Alice

I’m in my 3rd year in the Legal Studies Degree program and have been involved with the Capilano Legal Association (CLA) since it was founded in 2019. I initially began as a volunteer and I’m now one of the CLA Vice Presidents. I’ve been working in the legal field as a Legal Assistant for 4 years and I volunteer with Access Pro Bono. I believe I’d bring valuable experience and connections from the legal community, which will further the CLA’s goal in serving as an educative platform for students.

Sever, Tessa

This candidate did not submit a statement.

There were no candidates for the following positions:
• accessibility justice coordinator
• Indigenous students liaison
• women students liaison
• students of colour liaison
• education, health and human development representative
• fine & applied arts representative
• global & community studies representative
• Capilano Business & Professional Society president
• Capilano Finance Association President
• Capilano Human Resources Management Association president
• Capilano International Business Association president
• Capilano University Marketing Association president