Vice-President Equity & Sustainability

Andrew-Ogunbayo, Ifedayo (withdrawn)

Goyal, Lohit

The candidate did not submit a statement.

Kailey, Sahil (withdrawn)

Hi dear capilano university members,
I always wanted to work for society by being on some position, not for attention and fame, but because I want to help more than one people at the same time. I believe that the first responsibility of every human being is to help and support each other and to defend those who can’t defend themselves. No doubt our university is the safest and comfortable place for everyone, but we have to maintain it more perfectly. Lets make life more fun togetherly.

Kapoor, Saksham

I would focus on helping students to be seen better, get involved, have their concerns heard, and take action to solve them.And to create opportunities for everyone at the university so everyone gets a chance.I will have everyone’s opinions on the decision-making board, ensuring that nobody feels excluded and disconnected for any reason.The goal is to elevate everyone.I’d be transparent about the working and the use of funds to ensure that every resource is used sustainably and is accounted for.


The candidate did not submit a statement.

Lomelino, Maia

The CSU needs a stronger voice in the equality and environment fight. I have been part of the CSU since 2020 as Women Students Liaison and as President, so I have the skills and experience to be your best choice for this position. Together we can improve student’s lives! For strong advocacy, engaging campaigns, integration among students and someone that will actively listen to your worries! Remember, your student fees pay for student leaders’ work; the choice for a better Cap U is YOURS.

Patel, Omkumar

The candidate did not submit a statement.

Sasya, Lalita

The candidate did not submit a statement.

Singh, Manbir

The candidate did not submit a statement.

Singh, Parteek (withdrawn)

The candidate did not submit a statement.

Torres, Karina Ricardo

My goal as VP of Equity and Sustainability would be to ensure a campus where everyone feels included and heard. One that functions responsibly and takes into account its educative purposes but also it’s surrounding social and environmental factors. I plan on engaging students through events, clubs and initiatives that help further my goals and create a lasting impact on the community I represent. Your vote matters, a vote for me is a true vote towards Equity and Sustainability.

Vu, Kaitlyn

Having the experience of moving from Vietnam, a slightly conservative country with little nation-wide programs regarding sustainability, to Canada, I have learnt a lot about equity and sustainability. By running for this position, I would like to use my understanding to help make campus a more inclusive and eco-friendly environment. As a first-year student, there is a lot I need and am eager to learn. I hope to continue the good work, and provide new insight for the CSU.

Wahdan, Shehab M.

As a person who hasn’t really had any good role models or leaders in his life, I wanted to be different and not just improve the lives of those around me but also inspire them. As VP, one of my goals is to help improve the mental health of students by finding free, easy to access resources for people suffering from trauma. This will come in 2 forms: through my own club and other means such as mental health days, different articles on mindfulness and even more external student support.


The candidate did not submit a statement.

Ziabari, Niki Amini

The candidate did not submit a statement.

Education, Health, & Human Development Representative

Thind, Ishtpreet Singh

The candidate did not submit a statement.

Fine & Applied Arts Representative

Karthikeyan, Shruti

As a Fine and Applied Arts student, we are quite isolated from the rest of the university. I’d like to change this and get us more involved. We could have creativity related contests, our work displayed on bulletin boards, faculty mixers, more painting sessions, care packages during exam periods, more free food available, etc. I’d also let the CSU know if there were any university events that clash with our schedule, voice out issues in your program and have class start times pushed to 9:00 am.

Global & Community Studies Representative


The candidate did not submit a statement.

Singh, Bikramjeet

The candidate did not submit a statement.

Takami, Ryotaro

I’m in my second year of Tourism Management and hope to help make CapU better by working with the CSU and hearing YOUR voice. My name is Ryotaro Takami, and for the past five years I’ve held a variety of positions requiring leadership in varied contexts. Working in these roles has helped me grow as a communicator, leader, and strategic thinker. As an international student, I’d like to use the experiences I’ve gained to help find solutions to the problems faced by other international students.

Sunshine Coast Campus Representative

This position is uncontested.

Accessibility Justice Coordinator

Singh, Mantej

The candidate did not submit a statement.

Indigenous Students Liaison

Simmons, Riley

The candidate did not submit a statement.

Queer Students Liaison

Mantilla, Camille

My name is Camille Mantilla, my pronouns are she/her, and I plan to be a strong and compassionate representative of our queer community through continuous dialogue, collaboration, and personal experiences. I had the privilege of volunteering with the Vancouver Pride Society (VPS), and becoming the volunteer with the most hours this summer. As queer liaison I plan on mirroring the sense of community I found at the VPS and making sure we have a welcoming, equitable, and safe environment for all.

Mittal, Raghav

I am running for the position of queer students liaison because I feel as a self identified bisexual man from India, I have been on quite a bit of a journey myself. It takes time for one to get comfortable with their sexuality and openly accept who they are. I aim to create a safe space for lgbtq+ and allies to meet, share ideas and love unapologetically.

Capilano Accounting Association President

Brar, Jashan

I am an international student studying Business Administration Diploma at Capilano University. Being an international student, I understand the problems an international student faces in daily life. Recently, I have volunteered at the Capilano Street Party and helped students to explore Capilano’s student support services such as Academic Advising and Career Development Centre. I am a focused and hard-working individual. My problem-solving capabilities make me suitable for this position.

Kreiger, Joshua (withdrawn)

The candidate did not submit a statement.

Capilano Communication Association President

Cheung, Samantha

My name is Samantha Cheung, and I am running for the President of the Communications Association position. I am in my third year of the Bachelor of Communications program and am currently a research assistant for CityStudio North Van. If I am elected, my goal is to help communication students in their academic and career goals. It would be achieved by providing workshops to help them in their studies and hosting networking events to meet industry professionals.

Kaur, Guneet

Being an outgoing and good at communication, it has always been an asset for me to easily get involved among various cultures and people. As an international student, I have faced many communication barriers, but I came through them with confidence. I have decided to become a face for the Communication association President and develop this value among others. My goal is to boost morale in the students who do not participate in the regular activities as they hesitate to speak up in the public.

Capilano Finance Association President President

Solovev, Igor

I am running for president of the CFA because I am passionate about finance, and I want to spread financial literacy amongst CapU students. And being a disciplined person who gets the job done makes me a strong candidate. Also, I have been the CFA acting president since June. And so far, we have planned 3 events. Also, my goal is to bring value to students via relevant events, networking, or content—I plan to create an investment group chat where students could share and discuss financial news.

Wadhwa, Jaskirat Singh

The candidate did not submit a statement.

Capilano University Marketing Association President


The candidate did not submit a statement.

Jagarapu, Vishal Prem

The candidate did not submit a statement.

Capilano Human Resources Management Association President

Verma, Shagun

The candidate did not submit a statement.

Vig, Anmol

I am Acting President of the Capilano HR Association and CPHR Student Ambassador. My passion for HR and my current positions give me the credibility to be the President of Capilano HRMA. As the President, I want to connect students with professionals and organize events so that HR enthusiasts can make meaningful connections and develop skills that will make them HR-market ready. I aim to enlighten students about the career opportunities available in the field of HR.

Capilano Legal Studies Association President

Ruschienski, Misa

My name is Misa Ruschienski, I am a third year Bachelor of Legal Studies student and I want to be your Capilano Legal Association president of 2022/2023. I have so many ideas for events such as mixers, trivia nights, networking events, movie nights and many more. I hope to have the opportunity to make them happen. With my leadership and communication skills, I believe I am fit to the the liaison to the CSU and represent the CLA to the best of my ability so that we can have an amazing year!

Singh, Prabhnoor

As a candidate for the position of Association President, Capilano Legal Studies, I wish to make a solemn pledge that I will always stand by my fellow students at all times and interface with the university to the best of my abilities. I vow to always be approachable and to find innovative ways to enhance motivation and engagement levels for all of us here!