Devon C. Kular

Hello everyone, I’m involved with multiple roles at the university. I’m a residence advisor, Student Affairs event planner and assist the community with Cap U Rec. I will give all students at Capilano the chance to do something new, make friends, and break out of their comfort zone. I will provide resources and events for Athletes and International Students. Being President gives me greater opportunities to support you and speak on behalf of the amazing people I’ve met while studying here.

Maia Lomelino

I am passionate about the work the CSU does. I served as Women Students Liaison in 2020 and President in 2021, intensively fighting and advocating for students’ issues. If re-elected, I will lead and support the CSU board with all my knowledge, ensuring ALL students have a voice. My experience makes me uniquely qualified as I already know the organization’s structure and procedures and can start working from day one for all Cap U students. Let’s have another year to make things even better!

Karandeep Singh

My statement is very clear, I want to remove all those things which are acting as friction in the motion of university’s success. I want all the students to think out of box and to do collective discussion. More unions and clubs will be there like sports and science related fields, Introduction to policies that can help students with scholarships. More community and cultural events. Working hours of cafeteria to be extended. Overall I have a dream to take CAPU to the next level.

Vice President Finance & Services

Manpreet Kaur

This candidate did not submit a statement.

Marko Cosic

Hello everyone. As a student, I am always looking to get the most out of my college experience and encourage others to do the same. I am involved with multiple roles within the CapU community. I work as a Residence Advisor, International Students Mentor and Intramurals leader. During my time at CapU, I have organized more than 20 social events, and my goal is to make students feel like home at Capilano University. I want to continue to serve and support all the students as a CSU Vice President.

Vice President External

Aryanna Chartrand

We need more diverse representation when it comes to government relations. I have the experience in the role and the lived experience as an Indigenous, Black and settler woman. I have spent the last year building relationships and a network so that my continued advocacy builds on an existing platform. I want affordable housing, lower tuition for both domenstic and international students and affordable childcare. Vote for me so that I can continue to work and advocate for a you.

Lohit Goyal

What are the duties of VP External: make connection with organisations, represent students to get our best talent. I will make sure that students get what they expect from our team. I know already there are many competitions organised on campus but I will try to organise more competitions that focuses on skills that are required after we graduate so that all students can cope up with the fast moving and unforgiving world. This will help student to discover their strengths and hidden ability.

Sophia Kara

As the 2021-22 CapU Communications Association President, I’ve had the pleasure of working with an amazing team to facilitate events for CMNS students. It was such a rewarding experience that this year I’m running for the position of VP External. My interpersonal and public speaking skills will be put to good use as I advocate on behalf of CapU students with Translink, Residences, and other organizations. I intend to bring new ideas to the table and make the voices of CapU students heard.

Francisco Rao Scuccato

I’m Francisco RAO SCUCCATO, from Argentina! I am a lawyer with a master’s degree in IT LAW. I worked in a technology division for the “Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers” for the National Argentinian government for the last ten years.
I will speak to lawmakers to deal with misunderstandings for International Students. I will do my best to improve our health benefits, insurance policies, and transportation.

Vote for me; I won’t let you down!

Yajayra (Lupita) Ventura

I have been involved in community outreach and advocacy programs, experienced in politics and passionate about maintaining and expanding the unique and positive ambiance we have here at CapU.

I aim to use my networking abilities to give CapU a voice in the community and begin collaborations with others make things happen for you.

I would be honored if I could count on your vote!

Vice-President Equity & Sustainability

MacKenzie Gibson

I’m running for re-election as VP of Equity and Sustainability because when I care, I do something about it. I’ve spent years advocating for the environment at town hall, protesting for equal rights, and canvassing for workers and students. It wasn’t my job but it was my priority. I have a patient ear for everyone’s concerns, and the ability to take action for our communities.

I will fight for Cap to do better no matter what, but with your vote I can take your voice even farther.


I’m Loveleen, from India it’s important that you guys know me first, I’m psychology major student, very interested to learn the behaviour of various people, that’s also the reason why I’m standing for position of VP: Equity&Sustainability. My key points to focus on ‘to maintain the equality & social justice among us’ secondly ‘organizing more easy mental health advisory & consulting’ which will help students to balance their academic & social life. Please vote me to #Bringthechange in you&CapU.

Vice-President Student Affairs


I chose student affairs because isn’t that university is all about? No matter who you are, once you’re in here, you’re a student. And we all deserve the maximum of all the resources available to us. Capu has really good student services but most of the times students aren’t aware of those. I intend to make those common knowledge because your interests are our duty! Want more clubs, fun events or academic and other opportunities and actually be aware about them? You know where to vote!

Simranjit Kaur

Each day we are presented with two choices: to evolve or repeat. It depends on you which one you choose. My name is Simranjit Kaur and I am a second year business student. I believe that “Impossible is just an Opinion”. So, let’s change our mindsets and make a better future with your choices. Let’s build a relationship where we lift each other. Let’s perform like we have never lost.

Arts & Sciences Representative

Sudhanshu Jasuja

This candidate did not submit a statement.

Business & Professional Studies Representative

Aayush Verma

This candidate did not submit a statement.

Shubham Rastogi

This candidate did not submit a statement.

At-Large Representative

Waqas Rahman

Hello, my name is Waqas Rahman. I am standing in the CSU elections for At Large Representative. CapU has been my home since the fall of 2021; thus, I am aware of the problems students encounter. Because I understand these obstacles, I aim to play an active role in helping the students and our university and its efforts to boost student engagement. I pledge to be selfless, engaging with students of all grade levels and serving as a friendly face on campus. I would appreciate your vote. Thank You

Lalita Sasya

It is an honor to serve as At-large Representative at Capilano Students’ Union. I’m the best fit for this position since I’ve been serving in several roles in different organizations for the past 6 years, one of them is CSU. Here, I want to make good engagement between students and CSU. I also would like to contribute to the student union in a way to better understand their concern and perspectives.

Ikjyot Sethi

This candidate did not submit a statement.

Itsuki Yokoyama

Hello, I am Itsuki. I applied for at-large representative.
I would like to improve the school experience for all of us.
I am dedicated, I work hard, I listen well, I am friendly and accessible. I will represent fresh voice with new ideas. I want to help students succeed with less stress though joining the member of CSU.

International Students Liaison

Harman Singh Bhoday

This candidate did not submit a statement.

Manpreet Singh Kalsi

This candidate did not submit a statement.

Riya Luthra

Being an international student myself, I promise to be at the forefront of helping pupils connect and engage with the wider community. I pride myself on being a trilingual and encouraging girl who is respectful of diverse cultures, education levels, and lifestyles. I, therefore, aim to organize awareness campaigns to build knowledge of social issues. Having strong interpersonal communication skills, I direct myself towards building community connections and creating a sense of belonging.

Arnet Xavier

Believing there is a bridge from where you are to where you want to go is 99% of the battle. The other 1% is to cross it, and this is where I come in, to guide you and support you every step of the way! My goal is to act as a bridge between my peers and the university. It would be an absolute honor to serve you and I believe that that I can create a positive impact by adding value through my work for this community and foster strong bonds.
You lift me, I lift you, together we ascend.

Mature & Parent Students Liaison

Mayumi Izumi

It is my fourth term running as the Mature and Parent Students Liaison. I want to continue to ensure that your voices are heard, that you feel included and are an important part of the CapU community. I have loved meeting and speaking with you on campus. I want to create events for you to enjoy and be available for one-on-one sessions to address your concerns such as childcare costs. I am assisting the CSU to get the word out about their Childcare Campaign.

Students of Colour Liaison

Brown, Gurkamal

This candidate did not submit a statement.

Women Students Liaison

Niko Williamson

I am a feminist and I care deeply about social justice issues. I want to do my part to make the world a better place and I believe the best place to start is in my community. My goal is to represent the interest of all students to make Capilano University as equitable as possible. When addressing issues I will do so through an intersectional lense. The students at Capilano University are very diverse and I will address issues with that in mind.


Ishita Sharda

As the current CBPS President I’ve worked with myriad people in CSU/CBPS, gained experience with budgets, new hires and organizing a range of events. I want to continue my journey this year to bring more meaningful change for students, collaborate further with faculty/organizations for professional development opportunities, support the CBPS Leaders, work as a liaison between CSU and CBPS and oversee succession plans for the Council to benefit the current and incoming generation of students.


Jashan Brar

Being a business student, I understand what a business student needs to excel in the future. In the business world, everyone is paid in two coins: cash and experience. Take the experience first, cash will come itself. If I get elected, I am going to prioritize professionalism i.e. developing skills needed in the real world over theoretical work. Besides, social mixers will be organized which would include industry professionals where students can not only learn but also connect.

Terrence Alanis

As the current CSU Business & Professional Studies representative, I want to increase my involvement with the Capilano Business & Professional Society by running for the CBPS VP position. My experience as a CSU Board member and as the previous CAPUMA President would be a huge asset for the CBPS, and would benefit both the professional development and academic experience of Cap U’s business students as they prepare for crossing that bridge from institution to industry.

Capilano International Business Association President

Dustin Kazakoff

This candidate did not submit a statement.