Karandeep Singh Sanghera

I am a second year student at Capilano University, Senator, current President of Capilano Students’ Union (CSU) and running again for the same position. Being motivated, highly thoughtful, enthusiastic, professional, experienced in student advocacy and having great relationships with university administration, I can say that I am best for this position. From talking with students to taking their issues to the Vice Chancellor and Government, I performed well everywhere. Elect me as your voice.

Mantej Singh

My focus would be on establishing more sports and cultural activities in the campus and enlightening students with importance of our support in every phase of student life.

Parteek Singh

I am Parteek Singh. You might know me through this nomination but I was also taking part in background as the Chair of the Governance Committee, and i have really good idea about how to manage things here for my peer students. We made many good decisions in the committee for my people. So while keeping that in mind i was going to increase the amount of power and position that university has to offer. I will be presiding over executive committee. I will be your voice that you guys won’t regret.

Vice-President Equity & Sustainability

Laura Morales

An equality speech doesn’t match with unequal policies—Capilano University’s culture of equity, diversity and inclusion should be better reflected in our experience as students; my purpose as a candidate for vice-president equity & sustainability is to address the changes that need to be made in order to achieve in practice what we already agree upon in theory.

Sahil Sahil

I am a person who finds happines in small things, I like making new connections and want to foster the connections I already have. I want to run for this postion as i have desire to make a difference and want to bring more inclusivity culture on campus. My past experinces and plans makes me best candiadte for the postion. My past experinces include collective member in SFFS Women Centre, Being part of SDG’s project in Istanbul, and Intern for Human Rights Commission of Pakistan for 4 months.

Manbir Singh

As a social justice and environmental sustainability advocate, I’m committed to promoting inclusion, equity, and sustainable practices on campus. I aim to heighten awareness of marginalized communities, advocate for policies that promote equity, foster sustainability, and facilitate collaboration and engagement. With my skills and experience, I’m confident that I can excel in this critical role. For more info, please scan the QR code on one of my posters. Thank you for your consideration.

Vice-President External

Sahej Brar

The candidate did not submit a statement.


As current VP Student Affairs at CSU, Senate guest & an ABCS member, I’ve come across various student issues that ultimately require the government to take action. I’m an international student & can assure you, with my lobbying experience & connections I’ve made I will raise concerns such as student housing, food security, transit accessibility, tuition limits, and affordability at all fronts. These issues are as much yours as mine! Students deserve to be part of decision-making, so vote for me!

Vice-President Finance & Services

Javier Bautista

I’m Javier Bautista, and I’m running for Vice-President of finance and services at the Capilano Student Union. I bring financial expertise and student leadership experience to the table. If elected, I will prioritize student welfare, advocate for responsible financial decision-making and increase access to financial support for events, programs, and initiatives. Together, let’s make a positive impact on the Capilano community. Vote for me, and let’s make a real difference at Capilano University.

Rajvir Kaur

Rajvir here, I am already working for CIE as a mentor since Fall 2022. If you see any event at campus you can find me there as a volunteer. I really love to help university and students. If you elect me I’ll promise that it would be your right decision. I’ll raise your voice for reduction in international fees so that students will get some relief. I’ll discuss about more food services in the campus. I’ll be try my best. I just need your support.

Gagandeep Singh Rai

The candidate did not submit a statement.

Akshit Kansra

With my finance background and passion for improving student services, I would prioritize financial responsibility and transparency, enhancing services, promoting sustainability, reducing various fees, looking at parking fees, and empowering student organizations. I am committed to collaborating with the student union, faculty, staff, and community members to ensure the optimal efficiency and effectiveness of our operations. I sincerely appreciate your time and attention.

Vice-President Student Affairs

Harman Dhaliwal

The candidate did not submit a statement.

Manmeet Singh

The candidate did not submit a statement.


I have good experience dealing with student issues through mentoring, the senate, Volunteering, and CSU. I even took student issues to the provincial level as a lobbyist. I have learned enough policies and procedures to make things work. Having a solution-oriented personality enables me to be helpful to students struggling in any aspect. I am motivated to make courses available and program requirements more approachable. Any concerns students might have, I will give my best to work toward them.

Niko Williamson

As the women liaison, I improved the Womens Centre and got free menstrual products in CSU spaces. I helped oversee interview and hiring processes. I am the chair of the student engagement committee, on the collective committee and the sexual violence advisory committee. As a student employee, I know many CapU community members and know a lot about CapU which will be a huge asset. I helped plan events like CapCupid & TeaTime. I helped lobby the government to advocate for university students in BC

Arts & Sciences Representative

Keshav Makkar

The candidate did not submit a statement.

Abhijit Rai

Hello everyone. My name is Abhijit Rai. I’m presently a psychology major with an associate’s degree, and I’m running to be the campus representative for the arts and science faculty. My main objective if elected as Campus Representative to the Capilano Students’ Union board of directors would be to represent the student body as a powerful and effective voice, working relentlessly to represent their interests and enhance their university experience.


I am Saloni and I am passionate to become the voice of department For the elections, I will not do any unrealistic promise. I have practical goals which focuses more on the future such as money management, jobs, and And I think we together can achieve this with our better communication as well as I will ensure that you feel welcomed there. I hope that I can add some value and make our University life more productive and interesting. Thankyou for your consideration and I hope to earn your vote.

Business & Professional Studies Representative

Lohit Goyal

The candidate did not submit a statement.

Uttam Gill (withdrawn)

The candidate did not submit a statement.

Amar Gill

The candidate did not submit a statement.

Lally Kaura

The candidate did not submit a statement.

Fine & Applied Arts Representative

Shruti Karthikeyan

Speaking as a student in the IDEA program, I’ve noticed that the Fine and Applied Arts Faculty can be quite isolated from the rest of the university. Getting more exposure and recognition for all the work we spend hours creating would be awesome! I’m hoping to get our work displayed on the TV screens and bulletin boards on campus, we could have an art gallery too. I’d also advocate for a more diverse faculty, more paid work/internships and voice out any concerns you may have in your program!

Tanner McMahon

The Department of Fine and Applied Arts is not the most well known in Cap, my role will be to show all the great things we create in our programs! Let us bring awareness to our skills, what we learn and how we will change the world though our work. If there’s a concern, I can speak to the co-ordinators about them. The aim is to make our experience as friendly and collaborative as possible with instructors and course material.

At-Large Representatives

Saadat Ali

I would work to ensure that every student gets a chance to be heard. Food security, Cap on international Fees, Events, Fee fairness, Transit safety are few of my tasks which I would work to achieve.

Arshleen Kaur

The candidate did not submit a statement.

Saif Dil Singh

The candidate did not submit a statement.

Accessibility Justice Coordinator

Amisha Maini

My name is Amisha Maini, and I am running for the position of Accessibility Justice Coordinator. As someone who has experienced firsthand the challenges of living with a disability, I understand the importance of access and inclusion. I aim to ensure that everyone, regardless of disability, has equal access to all university resources, opportunities, and services. I will work tirelessly to promote awareness about accessibility for the needs of individuals.

Queer Students Liaison

Raghav Mittal

I have decided to run for this position again because I feel as a queer man who grew up in India, I have been on quite bit of a journey myself. Being elected for this position in the last term allowed me to be a part of several queer related events, to get in touch with the queer community at cap and addressing any and all concerns they had so they feel both seen and heard. I aim to continue my motto to make a capu a safe place for queer people to meet, share ideas and love unapologetically.

International Students Liaison

Karandeep Singh Dhillon

My Name is Karandeep Singh Dhillon, I am running for the position of International Students Liaison . My aim is to raise the issues, and solve the difficulties and problems faced by international students. I will try my best to get the solutions to any kinds of problems faced by international students related to academic, social, financial, health, and any kind of services related to university and student life. My goal is to bring improvement and development in all these sectors.

Women Students Liaison


I believe I am the ideal candidate for the women’s liaison position. With an open and curious mind, a commitment to growth, and a focus on healthy communication and empathy, I am confident that I can make a positive impact on the university community. By promoting kindness and mindfulness and working with others, I hope to create a better, more compassionate society.

Jasmeen Kaur

Will work for more awareness on women Health and safety on campus as well as in general. Will raise voice for women matters on campus and will help to resolve their personal issues and mental health.

Capilano Business & Professional Society Vice-President

Divya Divya

Greetings I’m Divya Divya grateful to run for Capilano business and professional society vice president. For improving student services, I would support the succession plans for CBPS. I would look after financial services and transparency. I would work collaboratively with my colleagues in the student union, as well as with faculty, staff, and community members, to ensure that our student union is operating at the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness.

Capilano Accounting Association President

Kam Pashandi

The Capilano Accounting Association (CAA) has positively impacted me and many others, and I would like to support CapU students going through recruitment for internship and full-time opportunities in the field of accounting like the way I was supported in the past. Additionally, I aim to increase students’ knowledge and scope about the different career options that an education in accounting can lead through guidance, event planning, and effective communication.

Capilano Communication Association President

Janique De Leon

It has been a humbling experience serving my department, as acting president of the CCA. It has been a privilege getting to know most of you throughout my term. If given the opportunity to continue to serve you all as CCA president, I intend to offer academic assistance to those who are having difficulty with their courses and to oversee projects that both unlock and hone the communication skills of young individuals that aim to enter the professional field of Communications.

Ashneet Kaur

The candidate did not submit a statement.

Capilano University Marketing Association President

Roman Ivanenko

I have been a part of CAPUMA for one year and have made several contributions that were instrumental to our success. Having participated in award-winning international and regional marketing competitions, I possess the experience necessary to lead the association to even greater heights. My priority is to organize more on-campus events, such as guest speaker panels and workshops, to help students gain valuable industry knowledge and advance their careers.

Capilano Human Resources Management Association President

Rakshana Prika Sampath

The Capilano Human Resources Management Association is crucial in empowering and assisting human resources students in their academic endeavours. My goal as CHRMA President will be to help students who want to develop and get closer to achieving their desired academic and professional objectives by supporting them and giving them chances.